The silver lining: PC market only slips 7% instead of 9% this quarter


By on October 11, 2013 at 4:16 pm

It’s a strange situation when we’re actually getting excited that the PC market only declined by seven percent instead of nine but that’s the headline today, folks, so strap in and let’s get it over with.

According to analytics firm IDC, the US market was the least affected, remaining almost flat with only a 0.2% drop compared to this quarter last year. Japan performed better than expected, but Europe and APAC dropped considerably.

“Continuing upgrades from Windows XP boosted shipments, particularly in the commercial desktop segment, while retail acceptance of new and emerging product categories, such as Chromebooks and Ultraslims, helped the portables segment,” said IDC’s analyst. “Nevertheless, the broad picture of the U.S. market has not changed much, with hopes for a small increase in the fourth quarter followed by a challenging 2014.”

Low-priced smartphones and tablets are still cited as the primary reason for hardware sales failing to pick up.

Source: TechCrunch (thanks, James)

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why are they still shocked, or even not aware of why this is happening

bar a handfull of games, there is nothing out there to stress your 3 or 4 year old system.

‘damn yo facebook brings my pc to its knees i gota upgrade……’

once the new consoles come out, and newly created bad pc ports arrive that will actually require an upgrade, then will we see pc sales starting to rise again.

however im still sceptical cos who really buys name brand puters for gaming anyhoo… which is all these stats read, not custom built machines or small puter store built machines…



however im still scepticalcos who really buys name brand puters for gaming anyhoo… which is all these stats read, not custom built machines or small puter store built machines…

This! ^


I don’t see how this has a real impact on PC gaming.

“Low-priced smartphones and tablets” are mostly for social media and web browsing. You are not exactly going to play WoW or BF4 on a smartphone.

But yeah, it isn’t exactly like developers are lining up to push our PCs to the limit. I guess we have the console crowd to thank for that.


While all this is very true, the PC gaming market as a whole is more than just power gamers who build their own rigs.

Lots and lots of people game on brand-name machines purchase pre-built from electrical stores and so on, and it’s sales like these that are going down, which will have a knock-on effect to high-end gamers like us.


my 2600k / 6950s look like they’ll handle another year miminum :D


Tim Colwill:
While all this is very true, the PC gaming market as a whole is more than just power gamers who build their own rigs.

86% of star citizen backers built ther own pc, of the remaining 14% only a portion of those would have bought computers that fall under these stats.

Its sad economics people conflate owning a pc with being a gamer but there you go. PC gaming dying is just a myth.

Edit: what Ball0fire said, just because people haven’t needed to upgrade for a while doesn’t mean they have switched over to consoles.


Not for Star Citizen they won’t supr585! I’m grabbing an R9 290X when I can, with accompanying BF4 Premium bundle.

But the brand name PC’s are also losing out more as customer awareness increases seeing that these “deals” are usually sub-par in some area and they are losing out to making their own or getting them pre-made but custom built. It’s not much of a surprise that peoples buying habits evolve to get the best deal. Just means the bigshots need to adjust their methods…


I’d really love to see PC hardware sales figures… not pre-built HP junk from Harvey Norman. I really think one is on the decline while the other is on the rise. I don’t think people have stopped buying PC’s, I think they’ve just wisened (?) up and started building or having custom PC’s built for themselves.

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