The Dark Mod 2.0 released, now stand-alone and available from our file library

The Dark Mod 2.0

By on October 11, 2013 at 7:28 pm

You may remember The Dark Mod as a DOOM 3 mod, created by a bunch of die-hard Thief fans who wanted to build their own hardcore stealth experience.

Well, now they’ve done it — and they’ve done it so well that they’ve completely removed all the dependencies on the DOOM 3 engine, making this baby completely stand-alone.

Our specially trained file monkey Cas has uploaded it to the file mirror for you, so you can download it right here and save yourself 2.2 GB. You can learn more about The Dark Mod at the official site.

The modders recommend you take a look at this video below to see what it’s all about, so enjoy:

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Getting a, Failed – no file error on this >_<


awesome, was following this mod years ago had completely forgotten about it. this will probably be better than the new thief reboot.


Getting a, Failed – no file error on this >_<

Probably just a bunch of people all trying to grab it at once. Keep trying, it’s there :)


Wow. So it’s Thief, and it’s totally free? Done, sold, mine! Thanks guys!


Probably the last real thief game we’ll have from how this bastardization of a reboot is looking.
Grabbing it now ;)


got it after half a dozen reloads


404 Not Found

Mine is currently downloading as I type…


Poised for a Thief style kickstarter set in any of the numerous well written fantasy settings that have been published over the last few decades… someone will do it sooner or later.


Anyone notice that this is a total conversion mod? How many of those are out there these days? All hail old fashioned total conversions! Really good to see one of these back, especially in a standalone form.


This one’s a classic, it’s been in development since 2007. (the first release was around 2008 somewhere if I recall correctly) This and Thievery for Unreal Tournament are the two biggest successful Thief style mods and both are very good.

I gave this a brief blast yesterday and it’s well worth it. If you’ve got fond memories of the original Thief titles then do download and try it. Even better now it’s standalone.

Actually did download it from here too, actually gave me a 404 a few times before it let me grab it. Weird…


Still showing 404 for me :(

Edit: Maybe the magic number was 2 dozen + 1 :D


I downloaded it first go. I’m guessing it’s because I plugged it in the Thief 4 news story and it was being nice to me. :)



That is incorrect, it’s actually been in development since 2004, when the idea came up and work was started.
I’m glad you are enjoying our hard work :) Thank you for the kind words.


404… having problems are we GoN ?


Can anyone else load savegames? mine cant load ANY



They’ve loaded fine for me (just been playing the tutorial though). What happens exactly; does it crash? I recall in earlier versions of the mod that some save-games would occasionally get corrupted if certain actions were taking place at the same time.

Don’t forget you can always ask the source:



Ah yes my bad, should have looked at your website better. (could have sworn it was 2007! It just doesn’t seem that long I guess, time flies etc)


Can anyone else load savegames? mine cant load ANY

Make sure the game folder is named “darkmod” and nothing else.



The Dark Mod can be installed to any folder on the hard drive as long as that folder path does NOT contain spaces.
The darkmod.exe has to be in a folder called darkmod.

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