Space Hulk releases free new campaign, “Messenger of Purgatory”

Space Hulk

By on October 8, 2013 at 9:37 am

Space Hulk developers Full Control reveal that they’ve now release a new three-mission campaign called “Messenger of Purgatory” as part of the 1.2 patch.

The patch also includes a large number of tweaks, bugfixes and improvements to the base game.

“We have had both a rough start as well as great support from all of you. So we decided to give you this one for free as a big THANK YOU,” says the company on Steam. “We really love working on this game, and you have been with us through the launch and beyond. So enjoy finding the remains of Captain Atarius!”

Here are the full patch notes:


  • Improved visuals for environment and units
  • Greatly improved performance of the game
  • Added animation speed option – can now choose Normal / Fast / Very fast speed of units.
  • Added “don’t allow Genestealers to split AP between multiple units” system to counter multiplayer conga-line exploit.
  • Fixed the rule with melee bonuses to apply only for the close attacks to the front.
  • If genestealer enters the map it will trigger overwatch attack check now
  • Assault cannon range reduced from 3 to 2 tiles radius. Assault cannon explosion uses now path calculation so doors block damage.
  • Choosing “any faction” in random game is now server-driven, so it highly increases the chance to match.
  • Highlighting units when mouse is over.
  • Highlighting activable genestealer entry points when mouse is over.
  • Added more informative log messages for the close attacks.
  • Showing the GS entry points you can use during the blips placement mode with different color and not showing entry tiles when not used.
  • Lurk zone tiles show information about AP needed to place+enter.
  • Showing hit percentage for ranged attacks when mouse is over target unit
  • New main menu background
  • Changed “Use Lightmaps” option to say “Use dynamic lights” and swapped the checkmark.
  • You have to finish all actions with a Genestealer before being able to take any other action with another.
  • Hotseat: Debriefing now always shows stats from the Terminator point of view.


  • Fixed the close combat resolution on ladders. Had bug for turning after close attacks.
  • Fixed the combat draw case resolution – defender now turns to the attacker in the draw case.
  • Blip is now revealed correctly if on ladder
  • Fixed bug with overwatch on the ladders
  • Fixed bug with opened doors not being always open visually when loading saved game.
  • Fixed one more bug with the misclicks on the tiles
  • Fixed some of the SFX to sound better.
  • Fixed door bug during overwatch, leaded to genestealer was shown in the closed door visually
  • Fixed genestealer disappearing after revealing blip and killing him in autofire.
  • Fixed the FX displacement for Calistarius and Gideon when doing melee attack
  • Fixed the unit death in flame after movement caused the game crash.
  • Fixed the problems with camera and logical bugs when unit exits the map.
  • Fixed the bug when pressing undo while moving, leading to the unit being “frozen”.
  • Fixed the game freeze sometimes when trying to select next genestealer and no genestealers has any AP left.
  • Fixed missing camera panning on opponent melee attacks when action camera is switched off
  • Fixed using last flamer shot into room would causing Terminators to lose, not win in mission Cleanse and Burn.
  • Fixed the bug during unit movement that led sometimes to messed tiles position and unit moving into empty space.
  • Fixed the broken Broodlord melee attacks.
  • Fixed the tiles misclicks caused by units colliders.
  • Fixed game crash when the last remaining blip is being voluntary revealed.
  • Fixed unit turn bug that led sometimes to inaccurate animation blending.
  • Fixed the game accepted input in the strategic camera mode
  • Fixed the melee weapon field FX not being in correct state when loading a save game
  • Fixed the assault cannon spinning state not being updated properly when loading a save game.
  • Fixed the power field generator hit state not being updated properly when loading a save game.
  • Fixed the wrong direction on the power field generators – they are now rotated towards the closest “visible” genestealer.
  • Assault cannon rotation fixed so its shooting straight visually
  • Fixed an error that lead sometimes to game crash when moving towards door and using move+fire on it.
  • Fixed music issues in the main menu and briefing
  • Fixed broken door in mission 9 of Sin of Damnation campaign
  • Fixed several issues with strategic map not showing correctly
  • Fixed issue with buttons containing usernames not being cropped
  • Fixed bug where some of the options in the ingame options menu not saving correctly

Source: Steam

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Did anyone pick this game up? Is it any good?


“You have to finish all actions with a Genestealer before being able to take any other action with another.”

This is a big one. The AI only activates one at a time, and the ‘conga-line exploit’ I thought was a core part of the board game? You move on GS up then the others up behind it. Without this the maps seem like they’ll be MUCh harder when I can only use up all 6AP on 1 GS at a time.

Did anyone pick this game up? Is it any good?

Depends whether or not you like the boardgame. I’d look up some games beforehand to see if it’s the thing for you, and at a $30 pricetag I’d be very hesitant to buy it unless a friend can play it with you.

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