Sitrep: How Will Competitive Battlefield 4 Change The Game?

Battlefield 4 multiplayer

By on October 16, 2013 at 10:56 am

DICE’s plans to give Battlefield 4 the eSport treatment are kind of a no-brainer, but I still wouldn’t have picked it. At its most hectic, sure, it is ridonkulous fun to watch – especially now with all those very big things that go boom and fall down. For the love of my -69% accuracy rating, why can I never get out of the way of a huge and obvious building about to say hair ya garn to my face?

At its most general, it’s often a slow sort of thing. It’s not ArmA slow (what is? Roadkill on ketamine! Did I win a meat tray?), but its pacing is not the frenetic everyone-is-always-dying frenzy of CoD.

You have not experienced awkward until you’ve been on a date with me, or you’ve heard casters trying desperately to enliven the resource gathering phase of a live StarCraft II match. I pity these people who will be tasked with making BF4’s moments of slog and long-range engagement seem like the most electrifying moments in video game entertainment today.

As a consistent spectacle, I uh, I’m not sure, Bob. Friends unfamiliar with BF’s unique brand of drawn-out tension have watched me play an extended Domination round and fallen in and out of comas.

One thing is obvious and that is that whatever exploits are to be found will be found in triple the time they normally would. This is not the greatest thing. Whenever this happens on a global scale within the online lifespan of a BF game things get markedly less fun – especially if you happen to find yourself lumped with a trough of Colonel 100s who have grown bored with their muse and now exist only as wraiths questing for my one ring.

Being that I am not prepared to give my one ring up to just anyone, these mean people and their hours of accumulated familiarity satisfy their desires by employing every trick in the book to make a match so one-sided you must run crying to a mod… who is on their team, and leading the spawn camp offensive. On the plus side, it’ll be good for ironing out balance issues really quick, a historically lethargic process that has often resulted in huge sweeping reforms in the past and totally exploded everyone’s heads.

The other thing is that five-a-side just doesn’t feel massively right. I dare say Battlefield 3 is at its least enjoyable during Squad Deathmatch, a mode I grew to loathe intensely because it required me to do useful things instead of humming Ride of the Valkyries and crashing helicopters laden with people counting on me. It’s too claustrophobic for a game built for large-scale sin, and has the peculiar knock-on effect of forcing some amount of twitchiness on a shooter naturally given to strategy and guile.

Please note that my definition of ‘strategy’ amounts to beeping my jeep’s horn a lot and my definition of ‘guile’ is whispering Sonic boom in my squad’s ears whenever I mistakenly [*citation needed] detonate them all with C4.

Please choose me for your internationally renowned Battlefield 4 eSports team.

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required me to do useful things instead of humming Ride of the Valkyries and crashing helicopters laden with people counting on me.

I feel the same. People hate snipers even when playing normal conquest games. A rifle that supposed to put a hole through a tank from 2 kilometers away becomes less cool and effective when you’re in close quarters combat. The excuse of “shock and awe” doesn’t change that fact.


10v10 or something makes more sense to me than 5v5, 2 squads on each team, given the size of the maps.

Will be interesting to see what sort of adoption it sees as an Esport.


As a veteran of clan-warfare in BF2, the idea of 5 a side sounds abominable. I want Goth losing our main flag, Zebba and me ripping it up in the chopper while Dave, Spaldo, Spodey, Nik, Recon, Red and the rest of the TEA gang start capping flags.

Ah well, it’s something, I guess. I’ll be back and sporting the TEA tag for BF4 so I’ll take competitive play in any way I can get it!


They have probably suggested 5v5 to be fair, because the game falls in a steaming pile of turd with any more players lol


Wow way to miss the point of eSports. BF4 needs to carve it’s own way through team play eSports, not just copy the CS/CoD 5v5 setup and hope everyone doesn’t notice the game mode is defuse the terrorist bomb…

10v10 sounds much better, though harder to get a team together for. 5v5 on the current Dom map would be a camp fest…


10v10. 12v12. Or let the teams decide how many like the old days :p


10v10. 12v12. Or let the teams decide how many like the old days :p

i’d say that’ll work the best. I hope it takes off, need more good competitive shooters. CS seems to be the main/only place that happens these days :(


I cannot understand toby’s articles, sorry. Please get someone else to write about this, thanks.



Something about esports, meat trays and battlefield.


I cannot tell if you like the bf4 esports idea or hate it with this article. :/


I cannot tell if you like the bf4 esports idea or hate it with this article. :/

Dont know if Toby was the right person to interview about BF4 eSports and how it’ll affect the game, maybe a vet BF2′er who’ll tell you its all about the teamwork 10 v 10 with a commander and you’ll have some gr8 matches.


Unfortunately I was not at all enlightened by this article.

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