Microsoft hints at cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC

Xbox One

By on October 15, 2013 at 3:38 pm

Microsoft have used an interview with our excellent fellow Australian site Ausgamers to hint at the possibility of Xbox One-PC cross-platform play in the future.

“I’m not allowed to leak things,” said Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer to Ausgamers, reportedly smiling. “But what you’re talking about makes a lot of sense.”

“Now you have differences in Windows gaming and console gaming around control and input… in fact if you go back to Shadow Run on Xbox 360 — something I worked on — we had PC players playing against Xbox 360 customers. We didn’t have tremendous success with that, but we learnt a lot from it.”

Microsoft recently hired one of the top men at Valve to work on their gaming division, leading many to speculate that the company may be re-focusing on PC gaming in a new way.

Source: Ausgamers

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YAY! I cant wait to enter a game and hear “I f___ed your [insert family member]”
and the constant sound of people having bongs in between respawns..

Hurrah for our Xbro brethren’s.. [Massive Sarcasm in this post.]


Given that Sony and Valve managed to get cross platform play with Portal 2 going, all Valve need to do is push for Steamworks integration on the Xbone and could have it done and dusted all 3 platforms. Reality and pig-headed management will stop this ever occurring however.


I feel like this has been done before, like, mentioned, but never really actually been completed to any degree for a wide selection of games. Portal 2 is the only game I can think of.
It would be great, but besides proving PC master race, I can’t ever see it happening.


Amen, Steam integration across every platform would be great. But lets not get our hopes up.


Obviously its only for games where players don’t compete in any meaningful way, else those on console would lose every time.


Obviously its only for games where players don’t compete in any meaningful way, else those on console would lose every time.

More accurately, any game where a mouse and keyboard is not a significant advantage (mostly FPS and strategy).



Speaking as one of a multitude of adult gamers who also happen to play Xbox, you can take that stereotype, chop it up with some tobacco and have a few cones yourself :)


I see it being annoying for FPS games, but for racing games, I’d love this, be able to play some of the next gen racing titles coming out with a bigger player base just sounds good to me.


Steam integration across all platforms… Oh look a flying pig.


You mean how the 360 was? Then they stopped it because of ‘problems’


Wasn’t this attempted on the Dreamcast with Quake 3? IIRC you could downgrade your Q3 install on a PC to be compatible with the Dreamcast version, and then play against console users. Anecdotally I also remember it failing badly, because console users got a rude awakening with their gamepads and lack of auto-aim when they were pitted against people using mice and keyboards in an ultra-fast arena shooter.


Obviously its only for games where players don’t compete in any meaningful way, else those on console would lose every time.

Who cares? Put it in anyway and have the option to play against only pc or only console.

3 menu options, everyone wins.


Racing games have needed cross platform ass whooping for years. Now Sony, Valve and MS go sit in a room and you aren’t coming out until we are all agreed that this is a good thing….

Now where did I leave that key…



Shhhhhhhh… remember it isnt real unless you come up with a snazzy name that you can trademark, webcam apps that let you play with things never existed only kennict.


This was a project Microsoft flirted with some time ago as well. Borderlands 1 was supposed to be a flagship sort of cross platform launch between Windows Live and Xbox Live. Needless to say, it proved hard to balance…


Murray Hibble,

I dont know about “multitude” of adult gamers, but age does not always correlate to Maturity.

Visiting a friends place and hearing over his Xbox in every match of COD and HALO the same remarks, then his girlfriend speaks loudly and suddenly you should of heard it the entire server exploded in to screams of “GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN” “Sandwich, yadda yadda”


If this happens, it will be a windows 8 exclusive. Metro UI based. Windows store based. Woo.


Anecdotally, Abbie Heppe, community manager from Respawn Entertainment, told me in an interview at EB Expo that Titanfall would not support cross-platform play, a restriction she claims was handed down by Microsoft.


ottomatic: More accurately, any game where a mouse and keyboard is not a significant advantage (mostly FPS and strategy).

* Not any game played in real-time with a mouse.


Racing games would be great but most console players play with controllers so its pretty pointless for cross platform and the people who think there is whinging on PC, I cant imagine being in a VOIP server with console players.

Imagine how many H4X0r message spam there would be.


Xbone players pay to play online. Does this mean Microsoft will be letting PC players pay for online gaming with Xbone players? Wondering what will happen if only Xbone players have to pay for their online gaming and how Microsoft are going to handle it.

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