Hawken looking to add competitive leaderboards in November


By on October 15, 2013 at 3:47 pm

Adhesive Games are hoping to make Hawken more appealing to competitive gamers than it currently is, saying that their current focus on getting up-and-meching as fast as possible needs to change.

“Up until now, our priorities have been focused on creating an experience that enables gamers of any skill level to start up Hawken and be having fun in the first five minutes,” said game designer Chris Vance.

“However, we are also committed to providing our competitive players with the experiences they desire as well. Plans are under-way to create an environment where our competitive players can experience Hawken in the ways they enjoy most.”

Also supporting this competitive system will be a clan system with clan-specific leaderboards and a Room System. Players will be able to create Rooms, invite players to them, and then get a dedicated server assigned to the Room as soon as they hit play.

Source: Hawken

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Anyone playing this outside of the US? ie the ping is really fooken bad.


When I’ve jumped on the Oceania server, it’s pretty much a ghost-town and the Asian servers aren’t much better. A shame for a bloody decent game.


Game is excellent. AUS servers since beta.

AUS servers are empty these days. At the start of open beta servers were hard to get a spot in. Hoping it’ll pick up on release.


As a loyal Battletech fan, I really didnt get into this. Was too much like CS/COD and not enough apocalypse robots.


I enjoy the game but havent played it in a while, its a game for some spammy battle mech action just to fill in bored moments.

Thats how it feels to me and as much as I do enjoy it, im not sure if there is enough depth to the game for me to want to come back and play it all the time.


USA West is the best if no one is on AU, but its a great game as it is, but gets old after a month or so of off and on gameplay…

Single player Missions would be cool….Coop would be better…
Story driven AI assisted coop/campaign’s we’d all find pretty cool, maybe unlocking “certain” Single player bonus weapons or items to be used… in Multiplayer.

Maybe even a new Mech awarded only if you complete the SP on Very Hard mode…
With a 5-10% buff in various aspects of customizable parts or style tactics.

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