Friday Tech Roundup (11 October 2013): Xbox One films your achievements

Xbox One Kinect

By on October 11, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Welcome to the Friday Tech Roundup! Contained herein is your weekly dose of some of the best tech news from across the Internet, rounded up for your edification and entertainment. Read on for all the details of Xbox One’s automatic achievement video recording, PS4’s lack of USB and Bluetooth headset support at launch, and Iron Man-like armour being developed for US soldiers.

Xbox One automatically records the moment of achievement

Both the Xbox One and PS4 have touted a TV DVR-like system for automatically recording the previous few minutes of gameplay, allowing users to share interesting happenings in games on the fly. In an interview with YouTuber ChampChong at EB Expo 2013, Xbox Australia product manager Adam Pollington revealed that the Xbox One will also automatically record video that captures the moment that an achievement is unlocked. In the video, Pollington discusses the fact that developers could choose to use the Kinect camera to also record reaction footage of the player as well, if developers wish to implement such a feature on a game-by-game or app-by-app basis.

PlayStation 4 will not support USB or Bluetooth headsets at launch

According to a report over at Game Informer, those hoping for the PS4 to support wireless headsets at launch will be disappointed come November 29. A representative from Sony informed the publication that updates will eventually be released to provide support for Bluetooth and USB headsets, sometime after launch. The PS4 will instead ship with a mono earbud headset and microphone combination to be used for chat. Both Sony and Microsoft have previously confirmed that their next gen consoles will support last-generation and third party USB and wireless headsets, but it seems as though that confirmation didn’t come with a deadline.

US Army developing Iron Man-like suit of armour, allows soldiers to “walk through a hail of AK-47 fire”

Very few moviegoers left the cinema after watching Iron Man without fantasising about how an advanced exoskeleton would change their own lives. Well, the United States Army has the resources to bring such dreams closer to reality, and has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), which is designed to augment the wearer’s night vision, strength, and provide significant protection from light arms fire. The suit is controlled by an on-board computer, which provides enhanced situational awareness to the wearer, and automatically responds to a series of stimuli.

According to the press release, the suit’s protective capability is provided by “liquid body armor,” which utilises magnetorheological fluids, liquids that can turn to solids in a matter of milliseconds, “when a magnetic field or electrical current is applied.” It remains to be seen whether the theoretical armour can live up to the lofty standards outlined in a Foreign Policy article on the subject, “armor that allows them to literally walk through a hail of AK-47 fire,” but it sure does sound like an ideal end-goal for the soldiers on the ground.

Twitter and Facebook battle to be the first choice for TV-related social media bleating

The recent season finale of Breaking Bad aired to 10.3 million viewers, a significant proportion of which used social media giants Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts with followers and friends. Both Twitter and Facebook released details to the media on social media engagement during the finale, hoping to latch onto a larger share of the TV advertising spending, which eMarketer estimates at US$171 billion across all types of media in the United States. Citing data calculated using the secretive formula of Nielsen’s SocialGuide, Twitter claim that around 600,000 people tweeted 1.2 million times (including retweets) about “Breaking Bad” over the 10-hour period surrounding the finale’s airing. Facebook’s number is slightly more impressive at three million people, but their numbers include original posts, comments on those posts, and even simple likes.

Whether or not Twitter or Facebook can cash-in on TV advertising based on these figures remains to be seen, but Jason Kint, a senior vice president of CBS Corporation’s interactive division voices his doubt in an interview with The New York Times, “There’s definitely a lot of hype, and maybe one day they’ll live up to it all,” he said. “But I certainly don’t see it taking away ad share from television.”

Boston Dynamics’ WildCat robot gallops without a tether

Boston Dynamics, our favourite proponents of existential risk, have recently demonstrated the WildCat, an untethered quadrupedal robot capable of running at a horrifying 25.7kph. WildCat is a derivation of the Cheetah project, a similar robot that was capable of reaching speeds of 45.5kph under lab conditions, outpacing Usain Bolt’s current world record of 44.72kph. WildCat is funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), with military use in mind. Watch the video below, and imagine a more developed version of this robotic warbeast charging at you making that horrible, horrible sound.

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The WildCat needs hydraulic jaws at the front. And maybe the rear too….


It’s like Microsoft are trying to force me out of considering the Xbone … I do not want a picture taken of me in my underwear covered in Cheetos dust after I unlock the “super dooper hard mode NG+” achievement in dark souls 2.

I want to get an Xbone at some stage, consoles make nice media players and I like to have access to every available software platform just so I’m familiar with the environment. However every-time Microsoft says anything about the console they give me another reason not to buy on… I hope they get a new marketing arm of the company because every time MS release a new product they fail miserably to market it’s strengths.


Yeah, every damn story I read about the XBONE it’s just


I don’t think I’ve ever reacted to getting an achievement in a way that would be worthy of filming.

that Wildcat is going to be how skynet starts… terrifying.


achievements popping up are more annoying than anything : /



that Wildcat is going to be how skynet starts… terrifying.

Bad news, Skynet is already well under way:


awww thats so cute i shall name him bouncey and he shall be my pet and noble steed :)


The US will never create a feasible iron man suit not yet anyway.

I was watching a documentary on robots and AI a little while ago and even the scientists behind both fields agreed that if they give the robots the ability to think they can or will cause the end of humanity.

So it makes me wonder why those scientists keep working on it if they know they could one day be responsible for the end of us!


Kinect has Infra red mode so it can even do facial recognition when it is pitch black. It can record what you get up to in a dark room :)

Anyone know where Xbone records the achievements, local save or to the Cloud?


Xbone – does anyone really want this thing recording their kids playing it? “Johnny! Johnny put some pants on – you know that thing is watching!”

Yeah… No


Achievement unlocked! Farts broken on sleeping couch cat

Kodak moment right there. The concept is genius, for certain spy agencies lol


Microsoft need to be slapped with some sort of privacy law. Every move they’ve made has been directed at spying on people with the kinect or allowing it to be used as a tool to do so.

According to wiki (hardly definitive) as of june 30 2013 the xbox 360 sold 78.2million units world wide, now think about the NSA and what they did with PRISM. If the Xbone sells just as well or better that’s lot of households under surveillance!

I know I know! it’s all too conspiracy ish, but if you were running a spy agency wouldn’t you be drooling over the chance to use these?


Xbone – does anyone really want this thing recording their kids playing it? “Johnny! Johnny put some pants on – you know that thing is watching!”

Yeah… No

Pretty sure the x360 kinect takes photos in some games for achievements already though. I think kinect sports did from memory.


People also said the same about Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook. Do people actually care about their privacy? Hell no. If they did then they’d just put a towel over the camera instead of complaining :) My x360 sits near the roof for me already and stares at some posters.

They can datamine me anonymously all they want for whatever statistics they give to advertisers because all they’ll see is some really old drum kit posters. As for audio-mining for keyphrases, have they ever heard someone actually play a game? The room’s always quiet. Watch any streamer that doesn’t talk and all you hear is their computer fans and the clicking of buttons.

If the thing cannot be run without detecting a human playing then I imagine it will be getting a fair few returns from the mainstream public.



Gotta say I agree with you. “Do you want this device to randomly take pictures of you and stick them online?” Should be a simple answer for most of us.

Also, awesome robot.



U.S spy agencies aside, even having Microsoft grab pictures of people and do goodness knows what with them is going way too far for my liking. And don’t even get me started thinking about how said foreign spy agencies who are untouchable could use that stuff. I think I’ll take some valium now, gotta calm down.



I had the thought process of microsoft being only ones to do it but at the time i couldn’t put it into words so I just left it out.

Just to add to the US spy agencies theory as well, what better way to get a surveillance device into a foreign government worker’s home?

Microsoft could make some serious $ if they did use it to spy on people and the environment around that person.. Selling the data gained to god knows who and then those people targeting certain areas with specific advertising via mail or whatever.

They have been trying so desperately for the kinect to do it’s thing then after an enormous outrage they back flip on certain aspects mainly because they were too bold and then they make this move.. given more sneaky but still just as bad.

However it comes down to one question.. Why are they pushing so hard to have these features on the xbone and kinect?

We don’t live in a fairy land filled with unicorns, rainbows and lakes of cotton candy… everyone has ulterior motive (yeah I have trust issues lol)



I’m more worried about the things they don’t let you know they’re doing with it, we’re talking about a company that gives all your information to the NSA. While I have nothing really to hide imagine “I swear I’m going to knife that bastard” being taken out of context and used against you in a court … or even just in the public domain, the potential for invasion of privacy is insanely high.



Indeed, all that is a pretty valid concern. I can’t really understand how Microsoft forcing people to accept such possible privacy invasions in their own home isn’t attracting loads of vocal opposition. I mean, aside from us nerds. It’s weird that there aren’t news stories like “Microsoft putting spy cameras in people’s homes with new console”, and the like.


(yeah I have trust issues lol)

You know what, you don’t have trust issues with Microsoft. You have concerns based on their track record and with such possibly invasive devices. Glad I never had the money for more than one platform and went with a PC. With my webcam in the drawer.

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