BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – watch the first five minutes here

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC

By on October 9, 2013 at 10:09 am

There are few pieces of DLC I can remember being quite so excited for as Burial At Sea, the upcoming add-on for BioShock Infinite which sends you back to Rapture and casts Elizabeth and Booker in a very different light.

2K have sent through the first five minutes of gameplay from this upcoming DLC, which you can watch for yourself below. The video contains mild spoilers. Do not watch if you want to go in completely cold.

Get our video review of BioShock Infinite right here.

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Do want. The only DLC I actually look forward too.


They sure do make some beautiful looking environments.


Am I the only one that just couldn’t get into infinite ?
Admittedly I find myself feeling this way about most shooters, I think I have genre fatigue. But when attempting to play infinite I just could not enjoy it. The aesthetic seemed off and it just didn’t sit well with me in general.


Been wanting to explore and experience pre-destroyed rapture for years now ever since Bioshock 1…. :D :D Can’t wait, I’ve always liked Rapture over Columbia, and this actually looks better than the main game.


Nah not the only one, Infinite kinda was inferior to the first 2 games, a lot more streamlined with features removed and simplified, weapon limits, checkpoints, much less customization in regards to weapon upgrades and ‘gear’ replacing the gene tonics, much less overall plasmids etc. It was indeed pretty overhyped and at the end of the day an average shooter. The art style, story, setting and characters were it’s selling point.


Might have to buy this game just to play the DLC, looks All Bio Shockey!


@narcarsiss me too.
But any idea how many episodes are planned.
It shows episode one on the title.

Wonder how long they will be.


season pass was for clash of the clouds which has already been release plus 2 episodes of “burial at the sea”

if you haven’t played the base game yet, you’ve missed out



They have two episodes planned. I think in the second episode you’re playing as Elizabeth rather than Booker.

Oh, Irrational. You’re terrible teasing me with this. I must resist torturing myself by watching this!

Village idiot

I re-downloaded bioshock to have another play through before this DLC and get back into rapture. For the life of me i couldn’t get it to work on my new pc (win7 seems to be unsupported for Bioshock). After an amount of google fu and trying a heaps of work grounds i cracked it and gave up. Totally off topic, but it made me sad, ha.

On topic – As others have said, this is some DLC that i actually cant wait for.

Ralph Wiggum


I thought the story was good, but the gunplay was same old from Bioshock, other than some airtime moments.


This is the first trailer for the game that actually interested me, looks like I might be buying the game for the DLC!

What’s happening to me…


(win7 seems to be unsupported for Bioshock).

Strange, I played it on my mini-pc I built that runs Win 7 fine with 0 issues. Unless you meant Win 8?


Why the hell would you watch the first five minutes of a game you intended on playing?


it does warn there are spoilers before it starts…it looks amazing. The detail of the world is bullshit good lol Just need to get bioshock infinite now :O


Makes be want to play BioShock, I never have but i think the Detective Noir aspect that this seems to have, has got me intrigued.

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