Battlefield 4 unlocks at midnight tonight, and our servers are ready

Battlefield 4

By on October 30, 2013 at 5:28 pm

With servers located in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, right here at is the best place for anyone in Australia to enjoy this year’s biggest multiplayer game — Battlefield 4. is armed with:

  • dozens of state-of-the-art servers and hardware in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide
  • an exclusive Australian partnership with, so iiNet customers get the opportunity to rent out their own Battlefield 4 servers
  • the lowest possible latency
  • maximum performance and resiliency, because there is no reliance on any one upstream provider
  • unmetered Battlefield 4 gaming for customer with access to the iiNet Freezone.

“ will provide gamers with access to brand new, state-of-the-art, Battlefield 4servers as a result of our exclusive Australian partnership with,” iiNet Content Manager Heidi Angove said.

“With points of presence located in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney, we have ensured a high quality and high performance network which ensures the lowest possible latency for Australian gamers.

iiNet has invested in multiple points of presence to create a private global backbone network, and multiple upstream connections to ensure a highly available network service.

“The iiNet group network is not reliant on any one upstream provider, which ensures maximum performance and resiliency to normal everyday Internet events. We reckon that this gives our gamers the best experience and we are pleased to say playing Battlefield 4 on any servers is unmetered for all customers who have access to the iiNet Freezone.

“Through our partnership with, iiNet offers Aussie gamers the ability to rent out their own Battlefield 4 servers and enjoy the same low-latency, rock-solid gameplay of our public servers – all for themselves, or their mates!” Heidi said.

“The gaming community has already shown phenomenal support for Battlefield 4, with thousands of players hitting our servers each day throughout October to test out the early access beta version of this hotly-anticipated game.”

While you’re waiting, why not:

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Let’s hope the game unlocks on time for everyone this time:


Most enthusiasts have been playing for 2 days now.



australian enthusiasts?


If you are waiting for tonight to play, you’re missing out :P

Any gamer worth his salt should be well and truly in the game by now!


Is this via a VPN or a premium feature?


Connect to a Korean VPN
Open Origin
Unlock BF4, Click Play
Disconnect from Korean VPN
Play BF4 :)

has been working since tuesday.



Cheer’s getting right on that.


Yah, been playing since last night, epic game is epic.


upgrading my pc in december so i can own with this! i still should be able to run it fairly good with settings up, i’ll wait for a few patches before i buy it :)


yeah I did the VPN thing and it worked but once I disconnected it stopped working, origin didn’t like it.
Played 2 missions in the campaign tho.


Ah well I wait until 2mo as then I can download the damn thing without getting capped (on a mate’s net connection :D).

Got my keys already in though so not a bad situation ;)

Nasty Wet Smear

Wait, who will be watching all the porn and yelling abuse at people in other games if all the FPS players are on BF4??


It unlocks at 9pm for Perth peeps so there’ll time to squeeze in a few hours before bedtime :D


For anyone playing on VPN: GON seems to only have WA servers up for now, or at least they did when I played. At least they’re up now as yesterday there weren’t many servers.


Gotta say, as a massive BF2 fan i couldn’t do BF3, but after hearing that theme music again at the end of the gameplay trailer I’m beginning to weaken. How does four compare to number two?


So this RELOADED version is not legit. My mate told me it was legit and installed it for me. I wondered why i cant gt online. Also game has a lot of damn Dust!



Not really? I’m about has hardcore as anyone but I prefer physical copies to digital ones, I just like collecting them.


If I’m in Melbourne, does it matter whether I play on Sydney or Adelaide servers?


If I’m in Melbourne, does it matter whether I play on Sydney or Adelaide servers?

Latency will be similar to both of them I’d expect. So it shouldn’t matter.


Never done VPN connections. How do i go about it?

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