Battlefield 4 insanely popular: All 744 slots on our servers filled already

Battlefield 4

By on October 31, 2013 at 1:08 pm

It looks like Battlefield 4 is wasting no time in taking over our server farm, with our reports showing that every currently available slot was filled overnight.

Across the Oceanic region, was peaking the highest consistent player count for a day-one release. If you want to play Battlefield 4, is the place to do it.

We’ll have our official review up for you soon as we conclude our hardware testing, but if you’ve already snapped it up, in the meantime please continue to enjoy our shiny new hardware and low ping, quota-free gaming!

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I’m still only seeing 16 servers, 14 of them are in WA, and 10 of them are empty. :(


Well for starters, it’s the middle of the day so it’s not exactly peak gaming time.

As for the heavy ratio of WA servers, we’re working on the issues that prevented our new hardware in NSW and SA from going online last night. I’ll update this thread, and the forum thread, once that’s been resolved.


Just downloading it now, I bought it + premium. Buzzcutpsycho sucked me back into buying EA, I’m so ashamed.


Battlefield is just like COD to me, re-baged and tasteless, guess that’s why I’m stuck playing DOTA2 and PoE haha


Except for the tanks and jets and 64 players and world desctruction and…

I mean, it has guns, so I guess it’s like Call of Duty in that regard.



yeah, i think for me it’s too much of the same thing, which both Battlefield and COD games are both guilty of, you can add as many small features as you want, but at the end of the day, they are just games based on war in a modern setting, not much room has been made for originality

to much effort gone into making a profits instead


I have a 64 player server that people can play on it’s in Sydney aswell also hosted by


Battlefield is just like COD to me, re-baged and tasteless, guess that’s why I’m stuck playing DOTA2 and PoE haha

Ironically why I stopped playing DOTA 2, because I saw all the things such as creep denying, secret shop, courier etc as poor hangovers from the original MOD. Also the whole thing felt exactly the same so kinda didn’t see the need to play it. It comes down to each to their own :D

Personally the changes between BF2 – BFBC2 – BF3 and now BF4 have been enough of a change to keep me coming back for more. Also BF3′s premium mode for expansions was a brilliant idea IMO. Some of them weren’t that great, others were fantastic. And all for a measly $50.

That and I just can’t get enough of shooting people…


How many NSW servers do GoN have and can a HC NSW server be put up please :)


No adelaide servers? =(


It’s about time WA got some server love!

Haven’t had a chance to play yet and test them out though.



Thats a server per WA resident.


I played on a WA server last night and I’m in SA…………worked fine, ping was steady.

P.S blah, each to there own m8 majority of us are fps players here maybe you should visit the DOTA forums :P


Two questions:

-Are there any hardcore servers? I could find none during the open beta. :/

-In the open beta, it seemed very simplified compared to BF4. What are people’s opinions now after release?



It’s actually one WA server per tear shed by a NSW player about their extra 60ms to Perth.

It looks like we have finally overcome our technical difficulties in Sydney, so I’m just rolling out some more NSW servers now. If you give it 15 minutes and refresh, you’ll see them go up (fingers crossed).

Edit: I may have spoken too soon. It looks like there’s some issues with Battlelog seeing the servers, so a request has been put through to DICE to fix that up.

Edit 2: Electric Boogaloo: NSW servers are beginning to appear in Battlelog! Hooray! Exclamation Point!


ahhh its killing me holding off on buying this now lol. Need to my new PC asap!!


the game is totally unplayable for me. rubberbanding like a motherfucker. my ping is 9 or 10 (bigpond ultimate cable) and my system specs are fine (i7 4770, 16 gigs ram, windows 8.1, nvidia 670gtx).

i knew i shouldnt of bought this shit. single player plays fine.


Welcome to Betafield 4. Every server eventually turns on to a rubberbanding fest. At least all the conquest 64 player ones I’ve played in. Don’t get me started on the damn sound drop outs either.


so its not just me? i KNEW i should of bought cod ghosts. theres still time

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