Batman: Arkham Origins releases 17-minute gameplay trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins

By on October 22, 2013 at 10:10 am

It’s always a promising sign when a developer feels confident enough to just release a straight-up recording of themselves playing the game, rather than relying on cutscenes and quick flashes of gameplay. And so today, we are pleased to note that Warner Bros have done just that — here are 17 straight minutes of Arkham Origins gameplay footage, narrated by senior producer Ben Mattes and gameplay director Michael McIntyre.

The video includes footage of thug-beating (naturally) as well as the Batcave and the GCPD. Take a look.

If you’d rather not stream it, you can download all 365MB of it here.

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Nice to see some *actual* gameplay, strange that they chose to portray it on consoles rather than properly on the PC however – some very noticable dips in frame rate and loss of smoothness throughout.

This is also one of those few games where the ‘tacked on’ multiplayer mode actually has me intrigued – shame they didn’t show any of that yet.


whats not “proper” about a console? batman AO will probably sell better on both consoles combined than pc anyways. i enjoyed the clip, but ive preordered from gmg just the same


sirgriggles: whats not “proper” about a console?

Framerate drops and limitations on 8+ yr hardware… sorry I thought I made that obvious in my post, it was literally the next line.

I know this isn’t an issue for some people (God knows the Dark Souls Steam forums are full of people rushing to the unmodded game’s defence) but I simply cannot play any game at less than 60 fps, preferably 120. I just *can’t* do it, way too sluggish and laggy and my inputs feel delayed. Similar to the whole FOV issue I suppose in that some people don’t even notice it, whereas it can literally make or break a game for the rest of us.


ahh ok


Same I only play games at 60fps. It’s just a quality issues. After playing at 60fps for 20 years anything less “feels” weird.


which game on the nes or master system, or early pc or amiga titles, ran at 60 fps?

Black Patriot

Man, the 7th gen consoles are really showing their age there, I can’t believe how sluggish and low quality everything is, at least when they’re out in the city. Then again it might be because I’m replaying Arkham City and I have all the settings maxed out (except tessellation), so it looks really, really good by comparison.


I’d go 120Hz if I could find a monitor large enough to replace my current 46″ HDTV. Having said that, plenty of games still seem to drop down below 60Hz from time to time, so getting to 120 consistently sounds like a bit of a challenge. I might just look forward to 4K 60Hz instead.


20 yrs ago i thought crt’s were capped at 30hz and australian tv’s (pal)at 50 hz? i could be wrong, without looking it up.

Anon. E. Moose

I got about 30 seconds into the video then decided I’d rather not watch it for spoilers sake, I’m deadly excited for this.

Black Patriot


The PAL standard transmitted at 50 fields a second, each field was half of a full frame, so 50 fields / 2 fields per frame = 25Hz. NTSC on the other hand had 60 fields a second (at slightly lower resolution) to get a 30Hz refresh rate.

Most CRT PC monitors could go higher than 60Hz, some even went over 120Hz, so high refresh rates for PCs isn’t a new thing, but for TV content it certainly is.

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