Total War: Rome 2 developers apologise for launch issues

Total War: Rome II

By on September 10, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Rome 2′s launch hasn’t been without its issues, and Creative Assembly are trying to stay on top of them all, with the first of their promised weekly patches delivered yesterday.

Now, Creative Director Mike Simpson has taken to the official forums to issue an apology for those launch issues, and to promise to re-double their efforts to patch them up.

“The first patch has just gone up – it’s not trouble-free we know and are fixing with a hotfix, but there will be another next week and every week after that till the problems are gone,” says Simpson. “At the moment it may seem that the changes are slight, but they aren’t the only ones we are working on currently and bigger changes are happening now for future patches.”

“If even one person has a problem running the game we would want to fix it,” he continues. “This is why we’ve set up 24 hour support and if you post in the support forums you will get an answer or discover a solution that’s already posted for your issue.”

Simpson says that even a tiny percentage of players struggling with bugs is still too many.

“I appreciate that it doesn’t help to know this if you are somebody having an issue, but the vast majority of people are running the game without problems. At the moment we are seeing 2% of people playing reporting a technical issue. Let me be clear, that is 2% too many and we will be helping them into the game and working very hard to make sure they get the best possible experience.”

“We are really very sorry that you are having problems, we really want to get you enjoying our game, please do take the time to post your issue in the Support Forum if there isn’t a fix for you available in there already.”

Source: Total War Forums

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its a lot more than 2%. That number they pulled out their asses because they don’t identify what it is that they classify as a problem.

No amount of patching is going to make up for the fact that people were lied to about this game and sold an inferior product that both CA and Sega knew perfectly well was unfit for sale. They need to be held accountable.


This honestly surprises me a touch. I’ve had one crash since I started playing the game, and it wasn’t even that big a crash. So far I’m enjoying the game immensely, and haven’t noticed the issues that people seem to be up in arms over. That being said, I’m in no mind to gloat over the fact – it seems it is more luck than anything else!


I crash, just not a lot. Game runs awesomely for me and I love it also. I definitely don’t feel lied to that’s for sure.


Only had 3 crashes in heavy playing since release… 2 of that was in the same battle. Only had one moment of stuttering graphics which was fixed with a restart. Overall for a new release I haven’t found it “bad” with issues.

If I had to pick at something it would be the game is so dam big i’m used to alt tabbing and playing on smartphone during the End Turn Phase due to it taking so long.

Although it would seem I have been one of the lucky ones. Nothing worse then a game your hyped up to play and it’s buggy as shit, ruining your experience of it.


kinkykel: I definitely don’t feel lied to that’s for sure.

Well everything I’ve complained about has been addressed in this video somewhat so I really don’t need to keep explaining myself.

Angry Joes Review of Rome 2.


I have experienced a few glitches/crashes here and there but I can honestly say I’m loving the game, and none of them have been game breakers for me.


given how much you hate the Total War series I’m surprised you even bothered buying the game! If a game irks you as much as this just play something else!


matthewdev: given how much you hate the Total War series I’m surprised you even bothered buying the game!

I’m playing the demo version… *cough*


No glitches or crashes for me…..the game just isnt enjoyable. I think I have played for an hour or two….switched it off & went & played skyrim. Maybe in 6 months the game will be fun.

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