Titanfall trailer lets you drool over mech action, wall-running and more


By on September 15, 2013 at 7:40 am

Everyone who played Titanfall at gamescom came home raving about the damn thing, but you know what? Don’t take journalists’ word for it. Here’s Respawn talking about how rad it will be. If you cannot trust the people who made it and whose livelihood depends on you buying it, who can you trust?

In all seriousness, this trailer contains quite a lot of sweet gameplay footage showing players zipping about with jetpacks, bouncing off walls, and generally doing the kinds of lively, dynamic things multiplayer shooters have largely abandoned in favour of Call of Duty-clone stylings. There’s also a look at the titular titans, both from the outside and from a cockpit view.

Titanfall is coming in 2014 and industry whisperings say it may give the Xbox One an advantage in the upcoming console war, since it’s not coming to PlayStation platforms. Not that we care; we win either way. Hooray!

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sorry, as nice as this looks, what i saw was just a lower res blockier version of the previous video release, mixxed with the guy talking aboot how multiplayer and single play is the same thing


While this game does look very cool, I’d like to point out that their idea of having mechs and infantry combat combined is not an amazing new idea like they seemed to think in that video. The first time i ever saw footage of Titanfall, It straight away reminded me of a game I used to play as a kid back in 1998 called ‘shogo: mobile armour division’ used to play it at LAN’s and it was tons of fun.


I remember playing Shogo, the multi-player was awesome at the time :) Such a sense of speed, being able to transform into an attack or mobile vehicle.



Oh fuck my i didnt think this was gonna be that good cause i never looked at it… but… fuck, cant wait


Can’t wait for this :D


I get the feeling this thing is just going to be COD with mechs. Which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I don’t hate COD. But I kinda want more.

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