The Elder Scrolls Anthology launches today: get every single game in one place

Elder Scrolls Anthology

By on September 12, 2013 at 8:59 am

The Elder Scrolls Anthology arrives in stores today for PC, an impressive nine-disc collection which includes every single Elder Scrolls game for $90 (less than Skyrim was on launch.

First announced back in August, the Anthology also includes all of the expansions, all of the DLC, and five physical maps detailing the lands of Tamriel, Iliac Bay, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim.

It’s unfortunately a retail-only edition so you will have to go to a store (never!) or online to purchase it, but it should run through Steam afterwards once it’s installed.

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Also comes with kickass printed maps for all the games.. Oooooo


What are those round things? Promotional mini-frisbees?



What are you, stupid? How could you think they’re mini-frisbees?

…it’s quite obvious they’re drink coasters, you know, for your coffee cup or other beverage holder of choice. Young people these days… *sigh*




Man that made me laugh more than it should have.


$90 (less than Skyrim was at launch)

Er I guess, if you for some reason are an Australian that actually buys from Steam/Local retail.
Skyrim was $42 at launch for me at Ozgameshop; speaking of which this Anthology is cheaper currently at $62 over there.

Would be a nice buy at some point for the maps, literally already own all the physical discs except for Arena though, wonder if that and Daggerfall are optimized to work.


stoibs: ..?
Er I guess, if you for some reason are an Australian that actually buys from Steam/Local retail.
Skyrim was $42 at launch for me at Ozgameshop; speaking of which this Anthology is cheaper currently at $62 over there.

This is a comparison of RRPs, not of the best bargains around. As you mention, you can get the Anthology cheaper, so… you know, do that.


No Battlespire or Redguard?


Now we just need the N-Gage and mobile games to be released in HD on the latest phone platforms.



Those two are rarely mentioned by Bethsoft these days. Not totally surprised, only played Redguard for a little while and wasn’t too impressed. (still have the CDs floating around somewhere) Never played Battlespire but from memory it was just basically Daggerfall Lite wasn’t it? All the best bits removed or something like that.


I’m one of the rare people that loved Redguard I think. Just that little bit of extra mobility that the climbing gave you in exploring every nook and cranny (without having to resort to levitation) I still miss in future Elder Scroll games. The story was pretty good too.

I got the game free through some promotion somewhere well after release which probably colours my view as well. If I had bought it at release expecting more elder scrolls open rpg then I would have been disappointed.



Battlespire was a co-op version of Daggerfall stripped completely of any coherent quest structure. It was a dungeon crawler, you couldn’t leave the dungeon.



Oh hadn’t heard it was co-op. I think I remember playing a demo waaay back in the misty past (maybe?) but I never played the full version.

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