Rome 2 developers promising game updates on “weekly basis”


By on September 5, 2013 at 9:44 am

You’ve probably read our Total War: Rome 2 review and thought to yourself “Strewth, that sounds pretty okay!” or something along those lines. But maybe you’re worried about the bugs that inevitably creep into every Creative Assembly product?

Creative Assembly have heard your concerns, and are trying to soothe them with the promise of weekly updates, beginning this Friday.

“We are planning to tweak the balancing, AI routines and other features now that we’re getting real-time metric feedback from thousands of players,” reads a statement from Creative Assembly. “The result is that the first update to the game will drop this Friday, with the intention to update the game on a weekly basis in the immediate future.”

“Full patch notes will be available on Friday, but the update will address known instances of crashes due to hardware conflicts alongside several other performance fixes.”

Anybody experiencing graphical issues, including low-resolution textures, is encouraged to visit the Rome 2 support forum and look over the suggested workarounds.

Source: Press Release

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It’s not just the bugs that they need to fix. MANY gameplay elements need to be rethought and tweaked. Namely: battle speed, the UI (inc unit cards) and the battle AI just to point out a few. I really dislike how they have removed gaurd mode and fire at will for melee infantry with pila and javelins and hope they implement them both in patches.

I’m still having fun playing the game but I really think CA took a big misstep in making Rome 2 the way they did. It could have been so much better.


Yeah the game has so many issues it needs patches that often.

Just having to wait for so long through all the AI turns is stupid.

Other silly things I’ve heard are if you have a land-locked capital you don’t get sea trade routes even if you have a province with ocean frontage.

So yeah the game looks pretty but anyone who bothers to actually get under the shiny exterior quickly finds a lot of problems.


I just wish they had more indepth features like unique character traits (non level kind), cinematics for all agents and more longer/focused speeches. Basically I want Medieval 2 but in Rome 2 :P

Bugs and silly A.I. I can live with. Always expected it.


I hope this teaches everyone never to pre-order their games again and to just wait 6-12 months for when the game has actually been patched somewhat. I tried to warn everyone.


Well I can’t even complete the prologue because of a crash bug that occurs every time my units scale the walls of Bovianum in the final battle. Frigging annoying. Saw a youtube clip of an SLI GTX780 setup only getting about 40 fps in the benchmark…SLI not working at all is obvious, but I would have thought a single 780 would be able to push some better frames than that.

Needs some major optimisation, I can’t believe they released it in this state.


End turn waiting.


Well I’m enjoying it – I literally had to tear myself away from the PC at Midnight last night to get some sleep after the “Just One More Turn…” syndrome hit hard. Sure the UI needs work and it’s annoying you can’t get a better idea of what’s causing public unrest in different settlements, but I’m so far enjoying the combat a lot more than in Shogun 2 (cavalry seems useful again!).


Cant even play it yet, stuck at 20 fps with 670 sli on min and max settings.


Yep, pre-order was a mistake.

I’ve got a fairly decent rig (BF3 pretty much at max easily getting 60 fps) but the best I can is an avg on the forest benchmark of 48 fps on low settings. On fullscreen I get heaps of flickering. Fairly disgusted with a such a big title releasing in such a broken state.



I’m assuming other people get the none responsive units, not always doing what they are told to do, despite the “command given sound”?
Need to give the order multiple times, till the unit moving arrow actually appears..



Nothing’s actually horribly broken (for me at least) this time around, it’s just things that need tweaks and adjustments as far as I can tell. It’s not that bad.

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