Rise of the Hutt Cartel free to SWTOR subs, buyers to receive compensation


By on September 14, 2013 at 7:50 am

BioWare and EA have elected to make recent expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel free to all Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers – although free players will still have to fork out USD$20. This change comes into effect on October 1, when update 2.4 goes live.

This is rather nice of them, of course, but it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth to loyal subscribers who had already shelled out above and beyond their monthly premium to nab the extra content, so BioWare has come through with 1050 Bonus Cartel Coins for those who paid up. If you got in before September 12 and were still subscribed at the cut off time, you’ll also get a new title, The Risen. If you are among those who already ponied up a handful of clams, keep an eye on your in-game mail; you should have received your bonus coins overnight, with titles to be distributed by September 25.

The update also brings some jolly new content – the Dread War story missions on Makeb, new PvP action, a level cap increase, and new devices.

Source: SWTOR.com

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HOLY SHIT! As someone who has JUST got back in to this, and payed for the Hut Cartal, then.. well… WOO!

Nasty Wet Smear

“although free players will still have to fork out USD$20…”

Ho… Ho… Ho…


It sucks that you still have to be subscribed at the cutoff date to get the title. A bit late to be letting us know really lol.


Everyone I know has stopped playing since the Aussie Servers were shut, shame its just a great game, lag kills it though.


Everyone I know has stopped playing since the Aussie Servers were shut, shame its just a great game, lag kills it though.

I tried to enjoy it but I just got bored as hell I used to enjoy it but hutt cartel doesn’t add anything worthwhile and the F2P restrictions segregate the community way too much


Everyone I know has stopped playing since the Aussie Servers were shut, shame its just a great game, lag kills it though.

The game played perfectly fine on US servers before the Aus server launched, does it run worse now?


theres no lag at all
i have been playing on the Harbinger for months before they shut down the APAC servers
i prefer playing on the American ones, there is people playing at all hours

too many sooking AUSSIES, need to harden up


Swtor is entirely playable with the ping you have on america servers… However you really need to be subbed in order to play.
And why would you pay the same for a service that has become in excess of 5 times worse than what you used to pay for ?

Would you guys want pay your isp the same money you do at the moment if they suddenly cut your download speed or quota down to 20% of your current just because they wanted to save money ?

If they want to allow ex-sub international players who per-ordered to play on the american servers at 1/5th – 1/6th of the cost of an american sub then I would consider coming back..

As it stands tho… there are plenty of other games out there that are worth playing and I personally would rather give my money to them than to a company who continually offers their loyal customers things and then takes them away / gives them away for free.

But then I’m one of those that wont allow keylogging/monitoring software to be installed on my pc or pay for DLC that should be a patch….
And I know a lot of you guys don’t have a problem with either of those :P

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