Planetary Annihilation beta expected at end of September

Planetary Annihilation

By on September 17, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Backers of Uber Entertainment’s planetary-based RTS will already know this, but it looks like the team are hoping to push their game into beta at the end of the month.

“Beta is the word of the month over here, as the team marches towards that release,” write the company in an Kickstarter update. You poke your head in the office for just a few minutes and undoubtedly you’ll hear it a couple times. We eat, sleep, and think beta — which, by the way, is safer than it sounds.”

“Our current timeline is to see the beta released later this month. And as we’ve mentioned before, the beta has some cool mechanics and concepts that you haven’t experienced in the alpha. Like, say, interplanetary war. And colonization. And blowing up planets. So much stuff.”

The full release is expected in December, but you can buy into the alpha now for $70 — down from the $90 is cost in June.

Source: Kickstarter

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half that price and ill consider it



It’ll be ~$40 when released.


I got it cheap on kickstarter (the retail release) looking forward to the end of the year, this game is looking pretty awesome.


I got in an backed with $20 which gets me the full game on release so I’m happy with that. It looks pretty cool, but I’m not excited enough to pay more for the privilege of alpha and beta testing it for them – Star Citizen, yes. This, no. I’ll play it when it is complete and balanced. :)


Yeah not interested in alpha or beta release. I backed enough to get the full version, that’s enough for me.


I thought I didn’t do to badly paying only $15 for the full game.
It’s silly paying 5/6 times the price just to be in the alpha/beta.


Have to say I’m not loving the graphics style at the moment. It’s a little too cartoony for my taste – it actually looks a lot like Godus.

Where are the textures, dammit?


To each their own I guess. The art style is one of the things that drew me to the Kickstarter in the first place. At any rate I don’t think they’ll be changing it any time soon.


As long as it plays sorta like TA, graphics shouldn’t even be a concern lol. If you want fancy graphics Supreme Commander should be your thing I think. I haven’t looked into the game much but it’s made by the same people who made TA but it just has a twist of fights being able to go between planets?

According to the Uberent website the date has been set for September 26.


As long as it plays sorta like TA, graphics shouldn’t even be a concern lol. If you want fancy graphics Supreme Commander should be your thing I think.

TA is one of my favourite games of all time, but I still like nice graphics.

Unfortunately SupCom was broken from the outset IMHO. Never quite captured the things that made TA great.


AMAZING GAME!!!!! I paid $70 on Sept. 1st for the Alpha and I am already addicted to playing PA. The bugs are almost non-existent and the game play is unmatched by any RTS or video game ever made! Those of you not willing to pay $70 now are missing out on a lot of fun! The beta version will have the moons and asteroid colonizations not to mention other planets to invade and bombard but you won’t be able to utilize these strategies effectively until you master the home planet base colonization in the alpha version. I’m averaging 3-4 one to two hour games a night and getting about 4-5 hours of sleep! That’s a great game!

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