Minecraft has now sold over 12 million copies on PC, other game developers just give up


By on September 4, 2013 at 3:05 pm

The unstoppable juggernaut that is Minecraft sold its 12 millionth copy on PC on Monday night, cementing its place as the Official Game of Humanity and causing other game developers to ragequit in protest.

Bob Video-Games, CEO of The Video Games Company which makes all the video games in the world that aren’t Minecraft, said in a statement that “enough was enough” and he was leaving to “pursue a fulfilling career as a gardener”.

“The fresh air will do me good,” he said, one eye twitching in barely-concealed frustration and rage. “I’m looking forward to planting some lovely flowers, or whatever. Anything, really.”

“Honestly, twelve million copies? Twelve million? I give up.”

Meanwhile, sources close to Notch suggest that he is considering using the money from Minecraft sales to purchase a large tract of land in the Atlantic Ocean and build his own private underwater utopia.

The millionaire’s statement, delivered to us by a golden-haired mermaid, read simply “Yay”.

Source: Twitter

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Damn it! I was really looking forward to Call of Battle 9.


Hot Damn. What a effort.


Wait, Bob wants to quit video games and take up gardening? Preposterous I say! He should just buy a copy of Minecraft and pretend to do it in there instead!

And as long as Notch promotes plasmid research in his underwater utopia I’m sure it will all go well…you know, in between Minecraft updates. Or making out with mermaids, whichever comes first.



You mean Medal of Battle Duty? Last leaks I had read showed it had headed down the inevitable path towards becoming nothing more than a Star Wars themed MOBA game, with dance party elements. I don’t think we are going to miss much.

Now square up your thinking and lay your life down before our blocktacular gaming overlords at Mojang.


Minecraft’s not quite at the top, but it’s very, very near. Valve, Blizzard, and Maxis still have records to be beaten.



I, for one, welcome our new 1x1x1m block overlords.


Over 30+ Million on every platform it’s available on. :)


Sims and Sims 2 is all time top seller? Would never of picked that.


So, what you’re saying is, if you make a game that utilises the PC for what it is and has what people want, it will actually get sales?

This needs to be brought to the attentions of those focused on the all powerful console market, which is surely bigger than the PC market…….

Congrats to Mojang for proving that indie games can be profitable, very profitable.


there’s no money in the PC gaming market guiz!



And proving that you can make a basic piece of shit in the wrong programming language, rely on the community to make it playable, and turn a big profit. All while wearing a shit hat.



Just like I said recently to someone else, just because you don’t find it enjoyable does not mean it is a ‘piece of shit’, it just means that you personally don’t like it.

If your opinion was universal then it would never have been this successful, but, it’s not and unfortunately for you people actually enjoy the game for what it is.


PC is dead, we all know it! All those 12 million copies were people who didn’t play it, r-right?? Y-Yeah! That must be it! C-Console m-m-m-m-master race!



Don’t get me wrong, I bought it way back in alpha and have too many hours played than I care to admit.
My gripe is that Notch is a terrible dev, and that his success has come through nothing other than a correct idea and false promises. If everyone knew what it would be at v.1.0 and after, I really doubt it would’ve had as much success, 3rd party modders and artists deserve the money, not Notch.



I agree with you about notch, I never understood the legions of people treating him like some god.
I only enjoyed minecraft because it was a sandbox that I could do what I wanted in, I stopped really playing it after jungle biomes were released, because at that time I had done everything and I couldn’t find enjoyment in it any more, I tried mods, but the initial enjoyment of minecraft never returned.
It is still impressive that a small dev team managed to make more money from one game with hardly anything in it than larger devs that have a much larger game.


Tall Poppy Syndrome in full flight here


I wonder what the number of concurrent players is and then on top of that the number of active players… Because it probably isn’t anywhere near 12 million.


If I’d have known what it would be at v1.0, I’d have paid even more.


No wonder the FTB server is broken. 12 million players :p


It is still impressive that a small dev team managed to make more money from one game with hardly anything in it than larger devs that have a much larger game.

They’re at 30-40 now, not exactly indie or small by average standards. They also sold 12 million copies at ~$20, a feat much easier than at $60-80. Just giving some perspective, I wish them all the success in the world :)

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