Here’s what ArmA 3 looks like on a dual GTX 780 PC

ArmA III Alpha

By on September 19, 2013 at 6:38 pm

Our resident eSports guru Alex Walker recently put together his new PC, and has been kind enough to record a bunch of footage from his latest ArmA 3 adventures on it.

Alex details his new rig as: i7-3770K (not overclocked), 32GB G.Skill 2333mhz RAM, 2x GTX 780s, 120GB SSD, 520GB SSD, 2x WD Black 4TB Striped, and 1x WD 4TB.

“Even with that, ArmA 3 on Ultra only gives 20FPS,” he jokes. Well, damn.

Check it out below. You can download it in HD here.

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1. sli doesnt do shit, cos the fact so little is using the gpus (if i have sli on it only uses aboot 30% for each of my 3x 670′s, or i can turn sli off and use 1 card fully, plus with sli you get a problem using PiP as noted in yah video when you got in the car)

2. arma doesnt know how to use multi cored cpus to save its life
(my 3930k @ 4.8ghz will happily max out a single core leaving the rest twiddling their thumbs and thus hampering my view distance to aboot 2km from a possible 12km)

3. i will agree with you tho it can look very pretty
you should do some night time missions, lighting effects makes me drool


Ah good old ARMA, the most unoptmized POS engine in the world.


Arma 3 still suffers from extremely poor optimisation. It’s just an ongoing tragedy with BI. They simply cannot optimise performance in their titles.

Granted it does look nice, but this game should never have released in its current state, it’s just a joke. I’ve had the beta since it became available but soon grew tired of the shocking fps.

Won’t be installing until performance is greatly improved and a decent single player campaign is available.


i never buy their games straight away. Always wait a few monthes atleast to patch most of the main issues out lol


Wow 780s in sli, big deal. I bet you were being CPU bottle-necked and both cards were hardly even being used. I would be more interested to see Arma 3 on Alex’s PC if he had it overclocked the cpu to 5ghz.


Meh, doesn’t look that fantastic. The ground and most textures still look like crap and it doesnt look too different to “high”, the “amazing” graphics in A3 are all smoke and mirrors… it’s an average looking game with extreme levels of blur and field of view trying to trick you into thinking it’s pretty.

Pity they couldnt spend their time on something like making grass that appears more than 50m away from you. All those pretty shadows, DoF and bloom/post processing just put you at a disadvantage in multi player.

Part of me wishes that games would ship with all settings locked to ON so the playing field is even.


I get a solid 30-40FPS in heated battles maybe dropping a bit below 30 with a single 780 and an i7-950. Arma 3s engine does not feel poorly optimized from my perspective. From the Beta I got a huge performance increase.

Don’t forget though that driver releases will improve performance as well eventual patching of certain features.


The game goes from 60+ fps in SP & Co-op scenarios to around 25fps in MP on the majority of servers running Altis.

Multiplayer is such an unplayable mess in its current state.
It doesn’t matter what hardware you have, the game will always run badly if the servers are struggling to host the map.


I bought Arma 3, dropped everything to low/off 46fps with 2x 670GTX. That was before i even saw any action. (if there even is any action in that game)

Death Mittens

‘dual GTX 780′ be damned. It really means NOTHING AT ALL when in many situations even a 760 will only show you a 30-50% GPU usage and no significant difference in frame-rate between Ultra and low graphics settings when maintaining the same view and object distance.
The Tank showcase is a singleplayer example which suffers from this without even being a complicated scenario.


game still looks worse than bf2 tho? wdf


game still looks worse than bf2 tho?wdf

yeah…. nah


I bought Arma 3, dropped everything to low/off 46fps with 2x 670GTX. That was before i even saw any action. (if there even is any action in that game)

Your settings on low is actually the problem. The game barely puts anything on the GPU and a lot of settings on low take even more off the GPU and put it on to the CPU. This is fairly common on older engines. So play with turning your settings up and you should see your FPS increase quite a bit.


I love the idea of Arma. With a focus on realism that brings in elements that I would love to see in other games, particularly the calling out the direction and distance of enemy pers – as opposed to bf3s, ‘I’ve spotted an enemy soldier,’ that’s nice but where? I assume that the role of being a machinegunner has more purpose and importance (correct me if I am wrong). I could waffle on but instead I will summise with: and pretty much any small detail with interaction with personal kit and movement in the environment.

But. I just don’t know if it is a game I want to play.


I have recorded some Arma 3 Alpha and Arma 3 Retail footage.
In the Alpha I used an Intel E6420 2,1ghz Socket 775
In the Retail I now have an Intel E3-1230v3 3.3ghz Haswell Socket 1150 (Performs the same as the i7-4770)

8 gig of ram , Gigabyte Windforce GTX560ti Factory overclocked , 2TB WD , Intel 520S SSD. Silverstone 600w PSU , bitflex progity red case

We have been playing the co40_tripwired-occupation map , it is great fun. You can get it from steam workshop or websites

Our clan played co40_tripwired-occupation.altis.pbo for 3 hrs last night, tones of fun. (6.30pm to 9.30pm)

On co40_tripwired-occupation.altis.pbo mp we get 40 to 60 fps on a private 8 player clan server with settings on standard to high , depending on everyone’s rig setup.

Arma 3 still lacks retail polish and seems like it was rushed out of the door with p1ss p00r optimization for GPU and CPU. Its still got a few UI interface issues and small bugs , but overall a great fun coop game, especially if you can pick it up for US$25 instead of full price


I built a new mini ITX rig a month ago so I can share experience so far. Gigabyte Windforce 780oc, 4770k, 16gb Ripjaws ram 2133, Win 8 64 bit. Mainly for Arma 3 and Rome 2.

60fps on ultra settings, 3600 view distance. Dips to about 36fps in battles. Looks amazing. Pretty sure this could do 45 + in battles with some graphics adjustments. Haven’t had much time to play yet. Need full Warefare server running like we had in Arma 2 a few years back.

That was so much fun. Think I’m having with withdrawals.


it really doesn’t look all that impressive :S.
admittedly I’ve only played the SP alpha but it ran fine on my single 7970 60fps with everything maxed.
Nothing in this game impressed me it’s a slightly prettier arma with less restrictive movement… nothing world shattering.


Yeah it’s unoptimized (mainly online) but I’m loving the game anyway. Bash the engine as much as you want there’s nothing else that comes close to it.

It’s like several games in one: A tactical FPS, a vehicle sim and a sandbox that lets you easily create or load in any mission you can think of. Then there’s all the awesome addons people make for it – F/A-18 Superhornet FTW. :D


If they want their sales to pick up they should port DayZ over in full ASAP …


Did I really just witness no building damage??? In this day and age with Battlefield 4 due for release?! It might focus on realism in SOME places, but REALLY? No massive destruction??!!

I know where my money is going. We may even be going back to a few BF4 mods this time round.

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