Guild Wars 2 brings the Super Adventure Box back for the end of school holidays


By on September 2, 2013 at 10:37 am

It has been a while since we last heard about Guild Wars 2, although as my thoroughly addicted friend is quick to tell me, it’s still very much alive and kicking and I should join her guild already. And I may just do that after PC Gamer learned that tomorrow ArenaNet will be bringing back their effort-laden April Fools’ Day prank – the Super Adventure Box.

In case you didn’t get to check it out in April, the Super Adventure Box was a pixelated adventure in the vein of Legend of Zelda – but with way more jumping puzzles. And to help young Asuran children get ready to go back to school, the Asuran genius Moto has now created World 2 for you to kill snakes and jump around in – as well as a new, extra-punishing Tribulation mode for masochists.

As you’d expect, there are a heap of additional updates added to Guild Wars 2 with the new Super Adventure Box Back to School update, like the ability to craft ascended weapons and changes to how magic find works – if you’d like to learn more you can check out the official site and you can play through the new adventure tomorrow evening.

Source: PC Gamer

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Village idiot

I recently got back into gw2 and am enjoying it again. I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, with a lot of people criticising that it lacks that “end game” style of play. But for a $50 outlay it’s a pretty damn good game . Looking forward to getting punished in the super adventure box again for a while.



I just wish leveling weren’t so painfully slow i enjoyed WvWvW but leveling was aweful


Good thing about the super adventure box, is that you could do it with a lvl 1 since you’re basically just playing Zelda with your character.

This whole patch is starting to look really good. And they’ve already released details for the September 17 patch at Pax (cant remember what city). Arenanets bi-weekly game updates are really keeping me hooked on GW2. The moment I start to get burnt out on it they pull me back in with epic and fun content.

Village idiot


I get where you are coming from, but i honestly think its like that on purpose. I accept that i now for squarely into the “casual” gamer category so my play time is limited, but one year in and i only have two max level toons.

The thing is… There really isn’t much that my max level toons can do that i couldn’t do at level 40. Sometimes i think that we as gamers need to change our mindset Leveling only seems slow because we rush to max level… And for what?… There is no real point in GW2.

Just relax, kick back and play.


It’s quite surprising when you sit back and consider all the major content releases that has been added FOR FREE since the launch of GW2 just over a year ago:

Oct-12: Halloween 2012 ( festival)
Dec-12: Wintersday 2012 ( festival)
Jan-13: Flame & Frost Prelude
Feb-13: Flame & Frost: The Gathering
Mar-13: Flame & Frost: The Razing
Apr-13: April Fool’s Day ( included Super Adventure Box, World 1)
May-13: Flame & Frost: Retribution
May-13: Secret of South Sun
Jun-13: Dragon Bash
Jun-13: Sky Pirates of Tyria
Jul-13: Bazaar of the Four Winds
Jul-13: Cut-throat Politics
Aug-13: Queen’s Jubilee
Aug-13: Clockwork Chaos
Sept-13: Super Adventure Box: Back to School (World 1 & 2)

Those are the ones I can remember, (might have missed some?) All this for the original purchase price, you’ve not needed to spend an additional cent. That’s great fan-service, helping keep the game ever-changing and interesting.

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