Gigabyte Graphics Card Heist winners: Who is going home with a new GTX760?

Gigabyte Splinter Cell Promo

By on September 16, 2013 at 6:49 pm

You may remember how our friends at Gigabyte gave us three, brand-spanking new 4GB GeForce GTX 760 graphics cards to give away — Splinter Cell: Blacklist editions, no less. Well! We have now finished counting up the entries and giggling at all the videos, and it’s time to declare the winners.

Without further ado, they are…


My greatest act of verbal stealth happened when helping a neighbour and his father with some PC issues. I’m not sure exactly how we got there, but we found ourselves exploring a folder that had some video files that seemed curiously out of place. I opened one… only for my neighbour to realise exactly what sort of ‘video’ it was.

His hand shot out like a cobra to turn the screen off while his father’s attention was momentarily elsewhere. His father turned back and asked ‘What happened to the screen?’ ‘Uh, must be some sort of graphics card issue,’ I replied coolly, without any suspicious hesitation. ‘We’ll need to restart, might take a minute or two.’

His father sighed and walked out for the room, not seeing his son almost hyperventilating and wiping his sweaty brow with his shirt.



WhiteRAZOR takes first place, with their very accurate rendition of exactly what the offices look like. Click to go full-size:



Can I just say, before I embed the video below, that I am blown away by how many excellent video entries we had. I’m genuinely sorry we could not pick them all. There can unfortunately be only one winner, and here it is.


Thanks to everyone who entered!

And thanks to Gigabyte for stumping up these excellent prizes. Long live PC gaming!

Winners, please keep an eye on your PM inboxes over on the forum for a message from me. See you next time!

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Grats winners! Great entries!


Congratulations winners. We have some very talented readers here.


Not gonna lie… *tears* … Was hoping for this one so bad! ahah. No more getting my hopes up hah.

Congratulations winners! great entries.


I have been a GON member since 2003 and I have entered so many of these comps …… glad to have won something, I really appriciate it and badly need the card
Hope every one gets a laugh out of my vid and dont stop trying to win


Well deserved guys…WD. >_o


Gratz All!


I was wondering about this earlier. Congratulations guys! :)


Great entires guys, and Slabb, you’re a very worthy winner!


Grats winnars! Great entries all! Had a bit of a laugh there Slabb.

Was thinking of entering but figured I’d have better chances of getting a card by spending some money. xD


Congratulations If anyone is looking for an Australia coop partner , I am snoopyau on uplay for Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

I have some SCB and SCC gameplay footage at:-


Neat :) Thanks!


LOL that video was awesome


Thanks guys. I’m going to let my neighbour know something good came from his near-miss ;)

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