World of Warcraft teases the Siege of Orgrimmar update with new trailer

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

By on August 16, 2013 at 1:47 pm

I certainly wouldn’t trust anybody with a name like “Garrosh Hellscream” and it seems like neither should The Horde have, as this latest video shows. World of Warcraft patch 5.4 is coming, and Mr. Hellscream (if that is his real name) is using some gigantic evil artefact to build an army of gigantic evil monsters and put them in a gigantic evil castle. All he needs to do now is kidnap a princess, and he’ll have the whole set!

However Patch 5.4 is bringing a bit more than that: there’s the Siege of Orgrimmar itself, a 3-wing, 14-boss raid for max level players, new flexible raiding so you can raid with anyone on any server, new solo trials, a new zone with a pet battle tournament and the conclusion of the Legendary Quest line.

If you happen to play a low-pop server, you’ll also enjoy the new Connected Realms feature: lower population realms will be “permanently and seamlessly linked”, says Blizzard, and players on the same Connected Realm will be able to interact with other players (do quests, browse the auction house, and so on) as if they were on the same server as the other low-pop players.

Anyway! Here is a video.

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That’s a damn good Machinima… Would love to see the Forsaken get some spotlight too.

Stupid Pandas


Do they often do videos like this? I have no interest in WoW but that was kinda cool.


timmytim: Stupid Pandas

The pandaren have always been my favorite non orc race.

Pity i got so far behind in dailies that the game no longer felt worth playing would really like to slap garrosh upside his big ugly head


^ they usually do one for each major patch. I don’t think any have been this good though. They’re cinematic trailers on the other hand (Mostly for expansions/releases) are always insanely good.


Do they often do videos like this? I have no interest in WoW but that was kinda cool.

For the current expansion, It’s been every second patch I believe. In the past it’s been every “major” patch.


I do not like daily’s… they feel like chores. I would rather have nothing to do rather than have to do daily’s.



I must find them! And watch them!

Nasty Wet Smear

I don’t play WoW anymore, but I’m always slack jawed at the leaders ability to be back stabbed. Arthas’ father bowed to pressure to pull all support from his son, Arthas himself gave into resentment and revenge and turned on the living, Sylvannas had a damned Dreadlord in her council and had the audacity to look upset when it turned out that a demon of betrayal and intrigue turned on her, the Alliance had a freaken dragon standing next to their king, offering advice for a few years… Thrall lets Sylvannas put her fangs to his throat every day and welcomes the ancestor of his peoples greatest and most recent traitor and jerk run Outland operations…

…Everyone in the Blizzard offices who write story advancement must buy a lot of bridges and give out their credit card information fairly often.


They started making these movies with the ingame engine from the Lich King expansion. You’d suddenly come across one of them while levelling at the end of a quest arc – from memory there was one that was the Alliance vs Arthas (i was a horde player back then), and they were a very welcome addition to the game.

I too have zero interest in WoW anymore, and havent for a long time, but you cant deny Blizzard rock at making things like this. Watching this movie even tickled my inner former addiction.

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