Win one of three GTX760s in our Gigabyte Graphics Card Heist!

By on August 26, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is now out, and NVIDIA have partnered up with Ubisoft to make it the best-looking Splinter Cell on PC ever. What does this mean for you? It means you need a new graphics card, of course!

Luckily, Gigabyte and have renewed our sacred blood-bond, and in doing so secured not one, not two, but three 4GB GeForce GTX 760 graphics cards — all for you. That’s right!

How do I win?

Simple! There are three different categories for this competition, and one winner for each category. You can only enter this competition once, so pick your category wisely! The categories are:


In 250 words or less, leave a comment that describes your greatest act of stealth (in a video game or in real life — either is fine!). This should be something you’ve actually done, not something you made up.

We use Microsoft Word to count the number of words in each entry, if you’re cutting it fine.

(This is always our most popular category, so you might want to look at entering in one of the other categories!)


Using MS Paint (or equivalent), draw us a picture of yourself conducting a stealth heist. What exactly you’re heisting is up to you, but make it as awesome as possible.

Once you’ve drawn it, upload it to an image hosting space ( is fine) and post it as a comment below. There are no size restrictions but you do need to include the logo somewhere just so we know that you drew it and didn’t steal it from the internet.


Record and upload to YouTube a video up to three minutes in length that shows you undertaking some sort of stealth heist (it doesn’t have to be high-stakes, it can be stealing a pie from a windowsill if you like). It actually has to feature you, so if you’re not comfortable with appearing on camera (you can hide your face, if you want) then do not enter. Game footage is not acceptable.

Once you’ve uploaded it, drop us a link to the video in the comments section.

Video categories are always our least popular, so your chances of winning are much higher here than in other categories!

What else do I need to know?

This competition is open to Australian residents only. Only one entry is allowed per person. The competition is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed here.

How long do I have?

Competition ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday 8 September. Winners will be announced the following week!

Get in!

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Its good to hear that the same program that was 3-4 weeks ago only in USA and EU is now offered in Australia


For your consideration:

I work Nightfill at Woolworths. A couple of years ago my boss would freak me out when he would seemingly pop up out of nowhere. I decided on revenge. I waited patiently for the right opportunity to come. It presented itself one night while he was filling a tuna display on the front end – very fiddly, lots of concentration required. Starting down the produce end of the store, I poked my head around the corner of fridging unit, to make sure he was not looking my way. Satisfied, I took the risk of making my way across open ground. My eyes never left my target, knowing just how exposed I was. But I made it without fault to the cover of the self-serve checkouts. I began to creep along the gap between the checkouts and the store front, holding my pocket where my work knife lay, so as not to make a single sound. Carefully I planted each step, my heart pounding harder as I drew nearer. Once again I came to a point where I would have to cross open ground to get to my victim. Before now if he turned I could have ducked behind cover, but no more. I sneaked those final few steps. Then I pounced. My hands shook him as I yelled ‘ARGH!’ He fell over utterly speechless as the shock took his body. Not even a scream. It was a long few moments before he was able to say, ‘I think my heart stopped.’


A number of years back I was in a paintball game, down at Wirrina Resort, playing capture the flag. Five people were in the enemy base keeping my team pinned down with no chance of getting close.
After retreating some distance I got onto my belly, and slowly crawled my way towards the base. For roughly 100 meters I crawled, using low lying bushes, fallen trees and dips in the ground to keep myself hidden until I got right alongside their base and managed to shoot 4 of the 5 people before the last defender shot me. Lest to say my team took quick advantage of the remaining survivor and we grabbed the flag taking victory.

It was after this when the pain kicked in and I realized that I’d crawled so much that I’d taken the skin off my knees and elbows due to my valiant effort. Even the organisers of the Paint Ball yard were impressed with the distance I’d achieved without being spotted!

For the weeks that followed I often referred to the scabs on my joints as battle scars from the great victory!


Stealth ninja attack on a trench of soldiers haha. grrr not sure what im doing wrong.,800×800,070,f.jpg

(it says musculareyeball down the bottom right, my alter ego for “crappy artwork”)


Me, dressed in a lego man suit, using a jetpack made from GTX760 Windforce cards to steal the worlds biggest cupcake off the top of the Empire State Building :)

EDIT: resubmitted under the cover of darkness


Following a direct order from President Obama, I have been sent on a night time stealth mission to Syria to investigate the claims of a chemical weapon attack. :P


GoN: “This competition is open to Australian residents only”

It is so nice seeing these words. So many times, you spot some awesome prize comp, only to find that dreaded asterisks and a “Open to residents of blah blah blah location and territories that no-where near where I am” disclaimer, and can only sit there going grrr! Thanks GoN.


My greatest act of verbal stealth happened when helping a neighbour and his father with some PC issues. I’m not sure exactly how we got there, but we found ourselves exploring a folder that had some video files that seemed curiously out of place. I opened one…only for my neighbour to realise exactly what sort of ‘video’ it was.

His hand shot out like a cobra to turn the screen off while his father’s attention was momentarily elsewhere. His father turned back and asked ‘What happened to the screen?’ ‘Uh, must be some sort of graphics card issue,’ I replied coolly, without any suspicious hesitation. ‘We’ll need to restart, might take a minute or two.’

His father sighed and walked out for the room, not seeing his son almost hyperventilating and wiping his sweaty brow with his shirt.


Without a word of a lie, this is a true story. Back in High School the new Year 7 kids would get a welcome luncheon for themselves and their parents. This would be held during normal class hours to stop the other years from eating all the delicious cakes and sandwiches.

Well it was during a particularly boring English class that I felt the need for something sweet, so due to my intentionally chosen seating arrangment (at the back of the class and next to a window) I was able to slip out said window when the teacher was writing on the whiteboard. Needless to say I paid a little visit to the luncheon and helped myself to some delicious cakes, then returned back to class through the same window. Somehow the teacher never noticed my dissapearance, and thankfully the other students who saw my escape antics didn’t raise the alarm!

All would have gone off perfectly if the teacher hadn’t noticed a particularly nice looking lamington on my desk, which was prompty confiscated and never seen again. Fortunately they assumed it was brought into class with me. It was ok though, as the cupcakes were delicious!


Stealth Smoke Storm Spirit Aegis Heist.


Back between 1997 and 2001, when I still lived in the US, I worked at a restaurant. I had some rather playful co-workers, often pulling pranks on other people for a good laugh. I became victim to a prank by one of the waitresses. I replied with a not-so-threatening “I’m watching you”. This became a daily thing for me to make the statement, and it eventually evolved into a sort of stealthy cat and mouse game with me leaving drawings of creepy eyes with that statement in convenient locations that she would likely access, such as the server apron pockets or the condiment storage cupboard. This went on for over a year, until the restaurant closed for business in 2001.
At some point, I managed to get one of these drawings into a spare jacket that she always left in her car as a spare in case she was caught out in the rain or cold. I came across her in the local supermarket one day wearing that jacket, and having completely forgotten about the drawing, noticed a piece of paper fall out of her pocket and mentioned that she had dropped something. I don’t know who was more surprised…


Mine would have to of been sneaking up on a fellow staff member at work ( woolworths ), im not one to be startled myself but one of the younger workers i work with got me a good one while pre occupied with my task in the milk fridge, so indeed i said revenge will be mine he laughed.

so one day i followed him out the back into the storeroom he was none the wiser, he walked right outside the double doors to get a cage so i waited behind the pallets at the doors, and as i heared him approach i jump out and yelled his name in the loudest yell i could muster !!!!!KEN!!!!!, the poor fella was that scared he lost his footing and fell back in the cage yelling HOLY @#$@ the look of freight upon his face was priceless , he then looked at me and i said told you revenge would be mine, he replied this means war with a smirk on his face.


My greatest act of stealth in real life would have been last year during a regular day. Our class had been prepping for exams with an assignment. Unfortunately there was a great deal of gaming content at the time and I never ended up doing the assignment. When it came time for me to hand it up,instead of the usual “My goomba ate it” I decided I would stealthily try to avoid handing in a blank sheet of paper. I carefully maneuvered myself inside my locker where I stayed until lesson was over and teacher gone.


Went paintball last month, was so much fun and I was playing with a bunch of my mates and another bunch of people i didn’t know.

Anyway we were playing in a really congested space with lots of barrels for cover. It was a team death match so there was paintball flying around most of the time.

Hiding behind the barrels, i waited it out until the opposing team members had to reload and shot a few times here and there to see whether i could get a lucky shot. After seeing most of them were reloading, i sneaked my way towards them, juking and jiving and managing to dodge most of them in the process.

I managed to sneak behind an opponent. I then proceeded to shoot him, only to realise i had no ammo left.. Reaching from my ammo belt, i tried my best to reload in time. However the opponent had spotted me and proceeded to eliminate me from the match.

Lesson Learned : Never bring a knife to a gun fight


Click on the following link to see my entry (
My Entry

Nasty Wet Smear

My fathers car is much larger than mine and it can be tough to judge that extra distance when you’re new to driving. Some streets in Adelaide are twice as bad, as people park on either side of the road and leave only the smallest space for traffic. While my car was being repaired and my father was interstate, I used his car to go shopping. Heading down the crowded, early afternoon street I misjudged the width of the car and my side mirror clashed loudly with another side mirror of a parked car. I pulled into a side street and surveyed the damage… The side mirror was gone!

Heading back I walked slowly and casually along the street, eyes alert for the missing mirror, when I suddenly spotted it on the hood of a parked car that was also missing its own side mirror. Bingo! As I sauntered over the owner of the car stepped out from around the back, face red with rage, searching for his missing mirror. His justified fury lead him to the drivers side where he bent down to investigate the road for the mirror. Like a bolt of lightning I snatched my mirror from the hood of his car and kept walking with it tucked into my coat.

I went around the block to avoid looking out of place and returned to my car… To discover I had, with ninja like stealth and speed, stolen the poor mans own side mirror, not mine.


When I was young my sister and I shared a room. She was three years older than me and always out pranked me. When I was six and my sister was nine after a bad week of getting scared, teased and out pranked I had had enough. I was committed and well planned. Dracula teeth, check. Torch to charge Dracula teeth under the bed sheets check. Cape, checked. I had to wait for my sister to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I was so committed that I stayed up until past midnight waiting for the moment. It was a bunk bed and so when she left the room my stealth abilities went into play. I was so excited nearly giggling. I got up on the to bunk behind the curtains at the end of her bed where a window was. She got back into bed and the moment had come. I said in my best Dracula voice, “I have come to suck you blood. At first all she could see was my glowing fangs which were awesome. She was parlayed with fear. I then moved in for the bite but before I could get close enough she screamed at such a high pitch mum and dad woke up lights went on. She jumped off the top bunk and ran to them screaming out of control. She swore a vampire was in her room. Well I got grounded for a week which back then wasn’t much just no TV or mates over. This is back in the days when the only game was pacman at the local milk-bar. It is 40 years ago but I’ll never forget using my stealth skills for evil. Funny enough the pranks were few and far between from that day on as she new I was now 6 and a wild one.

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