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Michael Malone

By on August 16, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Noted international mystery man and philanthropist Michael Malone is dropping by the games.on.net offices next week, and has agreed to stand still long enough to submit to a good old-fashioned Community Interview.

So! If you’ve got a question you’d like to put to the CEO of iiNet — on games, servers, ISPs, or anything else — leave it in the comments below and we’ll take it to the man himself on Monday afternoon. Malone isn’t afraid of the tough questions, so don’t hold back (do be polite though, or I’ll just delete your question).

Take it away, readers:

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would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?


Do you still keep in touch with Simon Hackett?


With the ongoing demise of GameArena there should be gamers looking for new ISPs to enjoy quota free gaming on, Will the iigroup be capitalising on this by expanding their own games network or is that headed for the same fate as GA?


Can you please give me $50,000?


Could superman outrun the flash?


Who is your favourite designer?


As far as blue ocean strategy goes, how is iiNet looking to distinguish itself from similar services and innovate particularly with the Gaming communities and customers.


Noting the upcoming federal election and iinet’s legal history versing AFACT, Will iiNet be supporting any political party to further the interests of itself and its customers?


NBN question: What do you think of the Liberals policy to deploy VDSL instead of FTTH? What will the wholesale costs be compared between the two technologies? And will there be any benefit over ADSL2 if you’re more than 3km from the exchange?


As such a leading first world country, why do you think that Australia’s internet as a whole has always been trailing very far behind many other countries, including countries with weaker economies and human development indexes?


What’s next in your plan for world domination ? Or at least Australian internet domination.

Nasty Wet Smear

So… What are you wearing, handsome?


1) What advice would you give to small businesses to be as successful as your own company?

2) Do you plan on keeping your acquisitions (ie internode and now adam) separate but under the umbrella of iinet or will they eventually morphed into iinet?
In short will i eventually say “im with iinet” rather than “im with internode”?

3) Do you have long vision plans at iinet? like do you have plans for a year ahead? or a 5 year plan like the soviets used to, or do you plan even further ahead? IT changes so fast so how far can you plan?

4) I’ve met a few CEO’s and they are incredibly driven people; they live and breathe their work. How do you find balance between the stresses of having so much responsibility and your private life? I’m pretty sure you could probably find work 24hours a day – so when do you step back and recoup.


Why is the Australian internet market such a monopoly and in turn why is it such an overpriced rip off with terrible speeds and even worse data plans.


When the FBI and NSA invariably [they seem to be increasing forcing US companies to give back door access to networks and software] start trying to reach beyond the US border for foreign telcos/ISPs, will iiNet [and by extension other Australian based telcos/ISPs] have a legal leg to stand on as far as no complying and giving out private customer information?
Or are Australian ISPs bound by some clause in something like the ANZUS treaty to comply?

This is a different question to giving out information to Australian agencies when a law is believed to be being broken in Australia, just fyi.


Will there ever be a unification of content considered to be free across all ISP’s under the iiNet brand? Will there be a shake-up to the content that is considered to be unmetred? How come you do not look like the guy in the ads?


That is cute: you must be an idiot; or ignorant; or an ignorant idiot‽


Why did the games.on.net news page turn into rehashed shit from other sites when IInet took over?


Who are you voting for this federal election? and why?


Who is currently the head coach of the Sacramento Kings?


Will the iiNet group be the first to put it to the Aussie rip off merchants (Telstra et al) and stop with the stupid quota limit’s that make Australia seem totally backwards to anyone who’s travelled beyond it’s borders?

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