Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond: multiplayer is “too intimidating” to many players right now

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

By on August 6, 2013 at 4:32 pm

One of the biggest problems facing developers keen to add multiplayer to their games is that gamers often find the multiplayer experience intimidating, argues Ubisoft Toronto’s Jade Raymond.

“I think the key is how do we make those games appeal to a broader audience,” said Raymond. “I think a lot of them are intimidating to people, unless you’re an amazing first-person shooter player, you probably don’t want to go online for most of those games and even try them.”

“Maybe that’s not something that a lot of people are thinking about, but to me, if all these games are online now by default or that’s the primary mode, then how do we make sure they’re still enjoyable for different people?”

Raymond argues that we need to think about these things, because multiplayer — even if it’s in a different form to how we play it now — is going to become the default mode of play.

“(Multiplayer) as a default mode is going to increase in popularity,” said Raymond. “The bottom line is, no matter how good your AI is, I think playing with your buddy is more fun.”

Ubisoft Toronto is currently developing Splinter Cell: Blacklist, among other unannounced projects.

Source: DigitalSpy via VG247

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Raymond argues that we need to think about these things, because multiplayer — even if it’s in a different form to how we play it now — is going to become the default mode of play.

Guess when that theoretical day arrives will be the day I give up on gaming and/or look back towards my Backlog.

Did they ever consider that some folk just…. like singleplayer over multiplayer?



UBISOFT HAS RUINED THE PC AND CONSOLE EXPERIENCE WITH MP BECAUSE THEY RUINED IT WITH P2P networking , no ping limits, no server browser, no dedicated servers, no mod tools .

SCC, Farcry 3 and GRFS are three of the good examples of UTTER CRAP MP EXPERIENCE



I reckon how people want all of the multiplayer stats to be logged and be viewable that has negatively impacted the experience, I think it could be a form of performance anxiety cause I always want to perform well in games, and if I don’t and the stats reflect that it isn’t a good feeling, so easier to walk away from it.


The biggest drawback for multiplayer are the griefers, team killers, ragers, trolls, base rapers, spawn campers, and immature server admins who don’t like to be beaten. Every genre of every game seems to attract these idiots, and it will only get worse as long as there are no immediate and lasting consequences for this sort of behaviour. When measures are put in place to manage these morons, online gaming will become an attractive alternative to AI. Until then, co-op with friends is about as far as the majority of traditional solo gamers will ever want to go.


I don’t like multiplayer because I have no gamer friends. they’re all “grown up” to mess with these games, you know.. And playing with a random temporary person will not give much joy, especially when it’s a co-op game.


Get rid of meta-game progression and bring back in-game progression.

Remember when you could beat the other team/win the round/conquer all objectives/etc?


How to make people play MP instead of SP?.. FORCE THEM!

Have they considered that their MP systems just suck, or that their game doesn’t actually offer anything good when it comes to MP?


Yeah I’ll have to chime in to say that Ubisoft most definitely does not make the best tasting multiplayer games.

Also surprised to hear from Jade, last time I remember hearing her name was back during the butthurt saga of Assassin Creed.


Ubisoft’s relative qualities aside, she has a point.

E.g. I have always been at least average and generally good in multiplayer FPS games.

I tried to get into Battlefield 3 and found the experience of being relentlessly massacred 1000 times in a row by people I couldn’t see with better guns bewildering and highly unfulfilling. Once I worked out what was going on, I realised I would not have the time or dedication to become competitive, let alone good, at this game.



Amen brother, amen.


Did they ever consider that some folk just…. like singleplayer over multiplayer?

Yeah, but they consider most people prefer multiplayer, some what like there is no money in a pc only space sim…


I rarely play multiplayer and I think it may be because of what he has described…


Caitsith01, with BF3 there is a little more to it. They have better guns, they have way too much time invested and highly likely they have some cheap aimbot too. BF3 is a hacker fest, mostly due to the way they designed it. If they declare war on hackers again it’s gonna be the same in BF4. Hopefully it won’t but we’ll see.

TBH there are a few games I like MP, but not many and the people I play with are just as important. The only game we can all agree we are gagging for is Star Citizen at the moment, with other games getting like 20-50% purchases from my group. This really makes the MP side tough to balance as previously we all had CoD 4/5/6/7 mentality (even to the open gaming leagues level). MW3 and Blops 2 both destroyed that so now as an FPS group primarily we are at a loss as to what direction to go. Some are looking to Titanfall, others to BF4, none are looking at CoD dog edition.

The one thing that is clear though, we all love our SP games too. The variety in what’s liked is pretty amazing as well, so for this Ubisoft dev to have such sweeping statements going almost solely off their own personal preference is pretty bad marketing and general gaming knowledge on their part. Also just makes them look rather stupid.



With regard to BF3, its a tad jaded. I think with a game like BF3 the vast amount of players have been following the franchise since conception, which is why its SP got such a bad wrap. But for hackers and the moar gunz argument… well, I play weekly with a bunch of mates, none of which hack and who will end up top 5 on the server consistently. Half of them still use the standard first weapons as they are most familiar with them. I do agree that DICE/EA could do more to get rid of hackers, but then, if there is a hacker, there is always another server. I’m also finding that more often, the different game modes offer such differing play styles if your having difficulty in one switching up will improve how you play, and increase enjoyment :3

I’d love to see a FPS working in the same way Dark Souls is multiplayer, if your fighting in a city against bad guys, some of those soldiers are other players, if you want to form a squad and play together, that person joins in and off you go, like borderlands, but you see their ghosts so you feel alone, but part of something at the same time.


stoibs: Guess when that theoretical day arrives will be the day I give up on gaming and/or look back towards my Backlog.

Did they ever consider that some folk just…. like singleplayer over multiplayer?

I kind of agree, after a while playing multi-player games and getting totally frustrated at peoples’ behaviour – I in recent years found myself downloading a single player game for the first time in ages – it was Mass Effect.

I had a blast playing that and rediscovered how much fun single players were again.

Now when I get sick of the internet (anonymity) culture, I like to have games to fall back on and be able to have some fun.

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