Trion World closing San Diego office, appointing new CEO


By on August 9, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Trion Worlds have confirmed that they are shutting down their San Diego based offices and relocating the operations of Defiance and End of Nations to their headquarters in Redwood City.

The developer is reportedly “working hard to ensure that a number of great people will be making the move from San Diego to the Bay Area and continue their work at Trion”.

As part of the shakeup, a new CEO has been appointed in the form of Scott Hartsman, former lead designer on RIFT who left the company at the beginning of the year.

In an email to Trion employees, Hartsman said that they would be “laying the groundwork for a new strategy for Trion, one that’s closer to the foundation of how we’ve had our wins so far”.

Trion let go around 40 employees back in December 2012 and then issued another fresh round of lay-offs in May. This latest move is seemingly part of an effort to stabilise and secure their finances as development continues.

Source: Polygon

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Speaking of, did anyone play through the game during the Defiance TV episodes? Any good?


Hopefully now that new things have occurred, things will actually be set into motion. They’ve promised 5 DLC’s within’ the year (that was sometime early this year) but they’ve not yet to deliver one, however they had set release dates for it.

One was misleading times, the other I don’t remember being stated but people said it existed, and the most notable one with them saying at E3, “DLC will be out late July” and they didn’t deliver.
They still havn’t delivered to this day.

As someone who’s played 400+ hours of Defiance and watched the TV show, despite having poured my heart out into it, they’ve failed to deliver time and time again that I am now disappointed in them.


Not unhappy to hear of their troubles. I’ve never struck such poor customer service in my life, which is a pity as I was enjoying RIFT.


Rift was fun if a bit short lived. Defiance was terrible unfortunately. Dogged by cheaters and horrendous lag, I’m not sorry to see the end of it, it can’t be far off. The TV series was utter balls too, could have been ok if it weren’t for the hammy american acting. It really needed to be done by HBO instead as at least they can find directors who didn’t cut their teeth on Days of our Lives…


Speaking of, did anyone play through the game during the Defiance TV episodes? Any good?

Very average. It was like Borderlands in a way, although I (and many others) bored of BL2 quickly as the formula became old.

Although Defiance doesn’t have the humor, and the voice acting is pretty bad. I’d probably skip it as there’s nothing remarkable about it.


I wasn’t around long enough for blatant hackers, although I did find my brother using esp (locates all enemies for you) one day :| As for the lag, it was a bit laggy on release, but it didn’t affect gameplay surprisingly, outside of the hotshots.

The TV series for me is just filler until good shows come back like Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi anyone), Breaking Bad, etc.


Scott is a legend met him at Pax east the year rift came out, was really interested in his community he even paid for our dinner, I’m not sure Trion even with such an awesome guy at the helm has what it takes to compete in the industry tho Rift was amazing for it’s time but wasn’t as big of a success as they needed and I can’t see them making something that does better than rift did.

But time will tell I guess I wish them all the best of luck


To be honest I prefer the tv show over the game.

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