The Elder Scrolls Online to feature in-game store with microtransactions


By on August 26, 2013 at 6:14 pm

We learned last week that The Elder Scrolls Online would feature a monthly subscription fee, but now it looks like Zenimax will also be implementing an in-game store as well.

Game director Matt Firor said in a video interview with that “there won’t be anything like bonus points, but we will have a shop to buy kind of fun stuff and services too like name changes and things like that”.

Firor went on to claim that the microtransactions will “not be part of the core game”, and that “anything included in the core game is included in the subscription price”.

Interesting move from Zenimax, given the presence of the subscription fee as well. Time will tell how it pays off.

Source: via Ausgamers

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Why not, rather than either, $15 a month or fully micro driven economy, charge $8 a month and have micro transactions like this. I wonder if they’d make the difference up, without making it seem less worth while maintaining a sub for a casual player.


This sounds like another EVE Online Monoclegate or TOR waiting to happen. Buyer beware IMO. If they were confident in their product they wouldn’t have to make these announcements, they already committed to a subscription.. they should stick to it.

Having this item shop in place from the start tells me that this game is inevitably going to be free to play why you ask.. well TOR did the same thing, they had an item shop in it from day one and stated numerous times they wouldn’t go F2P. Within 6 months they changed their tone. Point is, its going to blow up gloriously for them and the longer they delay coming out and just saying it, the more backlash as we saw with EVE Online.


It really should be one or the other, never both.

I especially hate it when they charge a monthly fee and don’t at least include stuff like name changes and server transfer for free. Having an item shop on top of that is just a kick in the teeth to anyone willing to pay the sub.


irritus: charge $8 a month and have micro transactions

that won’t happen, it’s a pretty safe bet that this will be another $15 a month mmo.
It’s ridiculous that they think this is going to end well, this feels so much like a case of trying to have ones cake and eat it and personally this decision makes me think why not wait untill it goes free to play ? They obviously already see it going that way.



I’d upvote your comment but…


gammad: they already committed to a subscription.. they should stick to it.

especially considering they advertised it as “a one monthly pay ment covers everything”

when it should have been “covers everything excluding micro-transaction based content”.

It’s like selling a DLC season pass then releasing different DLC not covered in the season pass.

dajenko: I’d upvote your comment but…

/bow thanks lol


Why have one hand in your wallet when Zenimax can have twoooooooooo!


My favourite part of every MMO development cycle these days is listening to every dev team talk about how they’re “going to do it different” and then laughing my ass off when it turns out to be generic as hell.

It’s getting hard to tell if some of them are talking shit just to generate publicity or they’ve just got no idea how to run one of these games.


TORtanic 2.0 now boarding!


This won’t end well, a subscription doesn’t sound that appealing knowing you’re not getting all the game content.


Yeah, this went from being intriguing to “Avoid at all costs”.

Stay classy Bethesda.


Yeah, this went from being intriguing to “Avoid at all costs”.

Stay classy Bethesda.

It’s not Bethesda.


goshawk: It’s not Bethesda.

And there lies the problem.

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