Takedown hits Steam September 21, pre-orders open


By on August 25, 2013 at 10:30 am

Do you remember Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter? A SWAT and Rainbow Six style squad shooter affair, it attracted approximately no interest until creator Christian Allen, the designer of Halo Reach, sensibly renamed the project. It was then funded by a successful Kickstarter, picked up a couple of members of the SOCOM development team, and was eventually picked up for release by 505 Games.

A happy story, then, and the ending is in sight; Takedown: Red Sabre arrives on Steam on September 21 and is available for pre-purchase at USD$14.99. Doing so nets you access to the Killhouse unlock, a single player Tango Hunt map designed as a training ground for multiplayer.

For those who came in late, Takedown is described as a “thinker’s shooter”, with non-linear environments, close-quarter firefights, and an emphasis on slow, tactical play. It’s designed as an antidote to the homogenised, cinematic run-and-gun games dominating the market at the moment, focusing on realism, squad play, and precision. Mistakes are punished, so do get your headset going if you’re going to dive into co-op. There’s also single-player and competitive multiplayer.

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Sounds like my kind of game. Thanks for the heads up!


Really looking forward to this, I definitely do miss the early RB6 games.


I would have preferred Ground Branch over this by a long margin, but I’ll be putting down the $15 to give it a go.

The more shooters that move back to a team play oriented design over run and gun CoD the better.

I trust Serellan to do a decent job of that.


Might watch this one, I’ve been burnt a few times by buying before release, and the game is 1/10th of what was promised.


really looking forward to this. Been getting talked about for a while, glad to see its all came together :D


I am glad I funded this game in Kickstarter it will also be the first one that I funded to actually reach completion which hopefully ends well.


Ubisoft dropped the bundle with Tom Clancy games, at least this team is dedicated to this genre and is EXACTLY what fans of Rainbow Six and Raven Shield have been waiting for the past decade (yes its really been that long).

All the maps so far are looking good, loved playing Early Access and I hope we can get some Aussie servers up soonish :)


Looks Promising and a good change of pace…but again I’ll be waiting for release..

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