Sir, You Are Being Hunted early alpha access is now available on Steam

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

By on August 20, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Big Robot have announced that Sir, You Are Being Hunted, the procedurally-generated game about surviving the attacks of top hat-wearing British aristocratic robots as you flee through the countryside, is now on Steam.

You can purchase early access to Sir, You Are Being Hunted (or just “Sir” as the developers themselves call it) for $20 by clicking right here.

The developers describe the alpha as “in pretty good shape” and say that you can play it from beginning to end. They do warn that it is not a traditional linear FPS and that your aim is simply to survive long enough to try to find a way home, rather than to get from point A to point B while riding on a corpse made of Nazi soldiers.

According to the developers, still on the to-develop list are:

  • The industrial biome: a bleak new landscape based on post-industrial northern Britain
  • Hunter-gatherer systems: hunt wildlife and exploit the native plants to survive.
  • The poacher robot: with his traps, blunderbuss, and stealth attacks
  • The gigantic landowner: a terrifyingly alien robot stalking the islands for blood
  • The castle biome: the shattered remains of a medieval castle where tourists are welcome to flee in terror from the heavily armed locals.
  • Character customisation and unlocks: set up your character before braving the archipelago, with new starting equipment and fresh tweeds
  • The riders, the bog creature, and the scarecrow: three grim new enemies.
  • Full audio pass: adding even more atmosphere to our bleak islands.
  • Generation tools: more control over island generation exposed to you guys, the players.
  • Multiplayer: more than one hunted on the island, but only one can escape! A free expansion for all.

Sir started life as a Kickstarter and raised more than double its asking goal.

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This is quite fun.


I might actually wait until full release – this looks so good, though I want to experience it in it’s full glory.


played about 3 hours of Sir yesterday and it’s quite an enjoyable game. A lot of npc content is missing in this alpha version so the Islands can be somewhat empty but draw attention to yourself and the robot hunters do converge and death can be very quick. The game really focuses on stealth, it’s your best friend as is running though dogs do chase you down and hold you and a mouthful of buckshot soon follows. The Islands are smaller than I expected and I’m not sure if they’ve been scaled back due to the missing content or that’s what you get. The look and feel of the game is great though, a moody brooding landscape where night and day feel very similar and will only get better once they complete the sound track. I’ve only explored 3 of the 5 Islands so look forward to the next 2 and many more runs with the differing mix of landscapes that are available.

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