Saints Row IV’s latest developer diary shows us more stuff we’re going to miss


By on August 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Well, not entirely. I’m sure if you are willing to buy the ridiculous version of Saints Row IV we can get in Australia you’ll see most of what goes into this developer diary, which features awesome people like Daniel Dae-Kim and Terry Crews. Nevertheless you will be buying a neutered version of the game, thanks largely to the ridiculousness of our classification system – but also partially due to Deep Silver – the publishers of Saints Row IV, who have remained frustratingly silent in the face of the many issues plaguing the Australian release.

Issues like gifted copies from elsewhere in the world converting to the neutered version might not be Deep Silver’s fault – while Steam policy in the past did not convert games like Left 4 Dead 2, they may have changed it – but Deep Silver’s lack of communication doesn’t do much to boost confidence. Likewise with the new delay we saw on the weekend – the Steam page now just says ‘September’ without a date, but that just makes things more obscure. We have reached out to Deep Silver again for comment, but still have not heard back from them.

In the meantime, the fourth developer diary is well worth watching, so check it out below.

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Sums up the problem nicely; Deep Silver making a bunch of insane changes and not explaining the how or why of any of it.

The conversion of gifted copies might be completely Steam’s fault (though I personally doubt it). It may even be a completely misunderstanding. But again, we don’t know. Likewise the delay might be due to a reasonable occurrence but we have no idea if or what that is because DS refuse to man up and explain themselves.

This “frightened turtle” stunt they are trying to pull is not only frustrating for the Australian consumer but downright foolish on DS’s part. It is likely to cost them more sales then this moronic wall of silence would preserve. They already cost themselves five sales from myself and my circle of friends in canceled pre-orders and I somehow doubt we will be the only ones.


Sums up the problem nicely; Deep Silver making a bunch of insane changes and not explaining the how or why of any of it.

What? Deep Silver have been entirely transparent as to what’s been removed from the Australian version of SR4:

I’m not sure that missing out on one side mission and a DLC weapon counts as a “ridiculous version” in my book. It sucks, sure, but it’s not the end of the world.


Matt ‘El_Funko’ Long,

It’s not that. It’s the other stuff that was mentioned (gifted copies being converted to AU copies and the random delay).



Can probably add another 4-5 prospective pre-orders from here that they’ve missed out on given the above, along with the Australian Steam price (a couple of friends preferring to wait for sales than using key sellers)


People are Just gonna get cracked versions, issue solved… Funny part is, Deep Silver an the muppets at the censorship board are forcing Aussies to pirate games….


Don’t blame deep silver, please, and if you want to get the unrated version, it is very easy to download from particular places. There is no way i am paying one dollar for this rubbish anyway.


People are Just gonna get cracked versions, issue solved… Funny part is, Deep Silver an the muppets at the censorship board are forcing Aussies to pirate games….

No, they are not.

The game will still be available, just not in it’s original state. No one is forcing you to do anything.

I don’t much care if people pirate the game or pay for it, it’s not like my hands are clean regarding not quite legally obtained software (few hands are these days between music, TV shows and movies and games etc). But there is no coercion here. You are making a choice to rip the game off. Their actions do not justify, or excuse, piracy of their game.


Im betting the Classification board told them to shutup about what was going on.
Or at the very least they are scared that speaking up might make games more difficult to get rated int he future.


All they have said is that it’s impossible to get around the ACB restrictions.
They have to say that, to cover their asses. I’ma guess that my US copy that’s coming this week will be uncensored.

Well, that or I might have to change my location to U.S. in Steam. Worked for L4D2.
Or, you know, I’ll just pirate it. I have no qualms about doing that since I’ve paid for it already.



I have been able to get the NA version playing this morning. Paid for it from Amazon and unlocked it using a US-based VPN connection. Will have to keep playing until I can confirm that the “Take alien drugs” scene is still in there!

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