Multiple playable races making a return to Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition

By on August 8, 2013 at 5:44 pm

While Dragon Age: Origins let you choose between multiple playable races, that feature was removed in Dragon Age 2 to make way for a human named Hawke. Well, that feature is now back in Dragon Age 3 Dragon Age: Inquisition, with elves and dwarves added to the lineup of playable races once more.

Other new features include the first appearance of mounts in the series, which will allow players to traverse huge (but “not open-world”) areas. BioWare is reportedly trying hard to drive exploration in the game, “something that, frankly, BioWare hasn’t done in a while”, according to executive producer Mark Darrah.

These new details and more were revealed as part of a GameInformer exclusive which, as is always the case, has been eagerly data-mined by everybody else for the salient points and then spread around the internet like wildfire. Forbes’ Erik Kain has highlighted some of the major ones here.

Some pre-alpha gameplay has also been released, which you can find below.

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I find the lack of keyboard/mouse testing to be exactly what I expected from the once great EA’s-little-bitch.



Careful, I hear long exposure to tinfoil isn’t healthy.


man, keen for this, and kinda not at the same time >.<


Yeah, I would be keen as too, but then again…

Last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3 makes me reject anything Bioware now.

I’m sure they will talk a big speel, then right at the crux just phone it in. Especially if Hudson or Walters have anything to do with it.



Funny, I just finished Mass Effect 3 a little while ago (again) and am replaying it now. For some reason, the last bit of the game hasn’t made me frothing at the mouth mad at all things BioWare, strange as it may seem.

However, I was seriously disappointed with Dragon Age 2. I really thought it should have done a whole lot more right than it did, and might even go so far as to say it was a misuse of the Dragon Age name. I really hope they can make Inquisition a great game, but will have to wait and see. I will not, however, be waiting to crucify them no matter what, like some fans do these days. All because the end of ME3 didn’t live up to their expectations.


I find the lack of keyboard/mouse testing to be exactly what I expected from the once great EA’s-little-bitch.

Yes, good job, this video shows BioWare’s ENTIRE testing program for Inquisition. That’s actually the whole thing. They’re not even going to test any more because they did all the testing they needed to do in this video. What surprising insight you have.


Tim Colwill: They’re not even going to test any more because they did all the testing they needed to do in this video.

hehe, yeah they were just making sure it compiles. If it compiles there are no errors right?


Promising, as I enjoyed Dragon Age 2, even though Origins was vastly superior.

I also find the whole idea of Dragon Age a bit easier to stomach than Mass Effect, because the stories are designed and marketing as individual stand-alones, with no dramatic consequences should Bioware start to replace characters or kill them off or whatever.

So while I was indeed disappointed by ME3, and frankly have lost complete interest in that series (where do they go after Shepard?), I’m still keen for more Dragon Age, even if my warden probably has gone for good.


I didn’t mind Dragon Age 2, but I didn’t love it like I should have and yes the first Dragon Age was better in my opinion. I did like the more action oriented and over the top combat of DA2 but I don’t think it should have been made the main focus.
I’m definitely looking forward to the third installment and hope that they get it right this time.



I’m keen for it but refuse to touch origin so sadly unless i get it on PS4 or something this is a no-go for me

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