KOTOR 3 was in pre-production at Obisidian; never greenlit by LucasArts

KOTOR 3 or possibly 2 who knows

By on August 1, 2013 at 7:36 pm

Obisidian’s Chris Avellone has revealed that a third part of the Knights of the Old Republic trilogy was once in pre-production, and would have featured a return of iconic character Revan.

“I always liked the idea that Revan, as smart and powerful as your player-character was, was actually even more of a brilliant strategist than became apparent in the first game,” said Avellone to Eurogamer.

“The entire second game is littered with clues as to ‘why didn’t Revan destroy the infrastructure here? What was he trying to make sure was still intact? What did he/she see that no one else saw?’ I thought that was giving a nice nod to ‘wait a minute, Revan realises there’s an even larger force at work here, and he’s focusing his efforts on that and keeping the big picture in mind’. That was one thing – the idea that there was a larger, global conspiracy.”

The plan for the game was quite fleshed out, with gameplay sequences designed and the return of other series favourites such as HK-47 and T3-M4. Unfortunately, however, LucasArts turned down the pitch.

“It was a matter of getting LucasArts to greenlight the title and I… To be honest I don’t know all the reasons that went into this, whether they wanted to have an internal team do it, whether they logistics didn’t work out… Ultimately it felt like we were pitching and pitching and it just wasn’t going anywhere, and at some point people just drew a line and said ‘it’s just not going to happen’, which made us kind of sad, but, OK, if that’s the business, that’s the business.”

Avellone did clarify that the Star Wars game they are currently pitching to Disney was unrelated to KOTOR 3.

The full story really is quite interesting — you can read it for yourself over here at Eurogamer.

Source: Eurogamer

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Ooooooooooooooh! The KOTOR fanbase is NOT going to like this.


And we are quite rabbid



Meh, at this point I’d expect the KotOR fanbase to be too cynical to care or be surprised much.

Nasty Wet Smear

I guess Lucasarts just really hated my money.


Well they were sort of entangled with terrible sequels all round at the time, so they couldn’t really tell the good from the bad, just kept assuming it was all bad. Hence they are now part of Disney.


Well considering Obsidian couldn’t deliver a finished KOTOR 2 in the time frame LucasArts wanted, why would they have listened to a pitch for a KOTOR 3? That’s a deliberately biased LucasArts-y view of things to make a point ie. I don’t know how unrealistic LA were in their timeframes and expectations during the KOTOR 2 development. But the fact remains, KOTOR 2 was an unfinished game and you rarely see publishers and developers get together again when their last game didn’t go smoothly.



I remember watching something that stated that lucasarts cut obsidian time down a fair lot forcing them to rush things, which like the majority of Obsidian games made for a buggy incomplete mess of pure awesome.

They should have just handed things back to bioware…. ooops


Yeah, far as I know Obsidian were forced to finish the game before their projected finish time, which is why they had to cut so much. Companies have a bad habit of dicking Obsidian around (see: the whole New Vegas fiasco), you’d think they’d learn.


KOTOR II is actually really great. It’s just… unpolished, and left broken, just like the jedi that stars in the game.

Seriously, TSLRCM makes the game 100% better, and probably does justice to Obsidians original vision for the game.

I’d love to see Obsidian make another Star Wars game, but doesn’t EA have exclusive rights to Star Wars games? They’d be better off asking EA.

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