Games for Windows Live Marketplace to close, spend your points while you can

Games for Windows LIVE

By on August 16, 2013 at 11:35 am

Microsoft has revealed that they’re not only canning Microsoft Points (read about that here), but also the entire GFWL PC marketplace.

“As part of the recent Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired and the PC Marketplace will be closed as of August 22, 2013,” says the Xbox Support page. “We encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to this change.”

If you’ve already purchased anything from the store however, it will remain playable. “You can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading it through the Games for Windows Live client software as usual,” confirms Microsoft.

Titles which use GFWL as DRM such as Batman: Arkham Asylum or Dark Souls will continue to operate as normal.

Source: Microsoft via VG247

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Titles which use GFWL as DRM such as Batman: Arkham Asylum or Dark Souls will continue to operate as normal.

For now. Given that the GFWL marketplace is being closed down, I think it’ll only be a matter of time before the GFWL service itself is closed down.


Hmm this certainly goes hand in hand with Bioshock 2′s Minerva’s den DLC reportedly being spotted on the steam registry recently.
Also the fact that the Batman games actually have a bunch of steam achievements that are completely unobtainable led people to speculate that GFWL as drm was going to be scrapped completely.
I do hope this eventually becomes the case at some point.


I’m glad all my purchased GFWL games wont be lost, I’m guessing they will eventually move all those games on Windows 8 Store which is better than the current Xbox PC Marketplace.


I am not going to be sad to see this go.


What the smeg am I going to buy with 200 points…


GFWL has always been appalling from the start and everyone wanted it to be fixed and what not but MS did nothing to fix it and as such made it a bad place to be and program to use.

Im actually surprised it has been going this long and developers still releasing games that use it.

As bad as STEAM may be to some people atleast they fixed it not long after release and made it to what it is today but GFWL has been shit and more annoying to use and they didnt fix it.

I just hope Origin can better their service and support it like what STEAM do and it might just work.

Im not one to care much about how many services I have to have on my PC in order to play my game collections, but I do care when those said games cant be played because of the crap and buggy service they are on in order to play the game in the first place.

The one thing I dont like about any of these services is the potential loss of the games if these services are pull offline and removed which makes all out games useless.


Fucking die GFWL, fucking die; biggest heap of shit ever

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