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By on August 19, 2013 at 8:10 pm

The 7DFPS took place last week, ending on Saturday and adding a host of new FPS games to the world. As the title implies, the 7DFPS is a game jam in which developers have seven days to design, develop, test and release a first person shooter – although the ‘shooter’ part is not strictly necessary.

You can go straight to the official 7DFPS site and start checking out games if you like, but as I have already done that, I thought I’d link to some of the ones I’ve spotted, or been sent.

As we learned earlier today, Notch doesn’t want to work on big projects anymore – he just wants to do smaller stuff like game jams. So it should be no surprise that Notch took part in the 7DFPS, making Shambles – a lo-fi zombie FPS. It’s not complex – you have a choice of 4 weapons and can only look left or right (not up or down) but it’s well made and pretty addictive. So far my best score is 40, but I’m sure most people will do a lot better. You can play it right here.

Brendon Chung is well known in experimenting-with-the-FPS-genre circles for the excellent Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving games, so its no surprise to see him working his magic at the 7DFPS. Instead of doing just one game however, Brendon did two – Guru and Photog – and both are multiplayer to boot. Guru pits one player as a blind dwarf, a little guy with a big axe who has to rely on sound to survive against everyone else. If the dwarf player survives for 60 seconds or kills all of the assassins he wins, otherwise the assassins do. Photog sees two teams made up of four or more players attempting to kill each other, yet while three (or more) of each team wields throwing axes, one member carries a camera. And that camera is the same one every member of the team views the game from. Yeah. You can check out Guru here and Photog here.

Orbital Asset Recovery is developed by two guys working out of Melbourne and takes place in an abandoned space ship, with players expected to bring things back online. Trapped in a cramped space suit and listening to your own breathing, Orbital Asset Recovery is all about experimenting with what you have. I must have spent five to ten minutes slowly shuffling across the floor before I realised I could use the lack of gravity to bounce around the station, and when you get the lights on and laser down your first door it feels like you’re entering a whole new dimension. I would love to see this fully debugged (I couldn’t use the tether at all for most of my runs) and I’d happily pay for an expanded version. Check it out here.

Over 160 complete games were submitted to the 7DFPS this year, so there are definitely gems out there that I’ve missed. Look through all of the titles yourself if you haven’t already, and if you stumble across any you think are awesome make sure you link to them in the comments below!

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If you wanted a 7-dimensional FPS try out the Descent series — it has 6 DoF.


Discoverie was also developed in Australia (by an Internode customer *ahem*)!

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