Diablo III PvP a “tricky question”, has to be “Blizzard quality”


By on August 25, 2013 at 10:00 am

Asked recently whether Blizzard will ever implement long-promised and oft-requested player versus player combat in Diablo II, director Josh Mosqueira replied in a way unlikely to inspire confidence in those of you still hanging out:

“That’s a really tricky question to answer. It’s got to be Blizzard quality,” he told PCGamesN, which the more astute among you will notice is a long way from “yes, absolutely” or even “yes, probably”.

Mosqueira outlined three problems keeping PvP from happening in Diablo III. The first one is just a matter of resources – most of the development team is working on new expansion Reaper of Souls. That seems like a pretty easy issue to solve if Blizzard just re-prioritises, but given the remaining two issues, that may not happen any time soon.

The developer said that Diablo’s design is difficult to adapt to one-one-one or two-on-two battles, and that if PvP were implemented, it would have to be accessible to all players, not just endgame veterans.

“In Diablo, the core mechanics are really built around one character fighting scores of monsters, right?” he said. “There’s a lot of control, a lot of AOE, and some of that stuff starts to not necessarily break down, but it starts to fray at the edges when you’re actually now focused on two people, or four people.

“One of the questions that we really want to start really thinking about in PvP is how can we get that Diablo experience: not just from a high level but especially from a low level.”

PvP appeared briefly in duelling form on the RPG’s test servers, but didn’t make it into full release. A deathmatch mode was shown a few times but cancelled altogether. Some players who had been expecting the feature at launch are quite livid about its ongoing absence.

Source: PCGamesN

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‘soon’ …


considering nothing else in Diablo 3 was anywhere near “Blizzard quality” at release why does PvP have to be an exception ?

I wonder if they release the expansion before they release PvP a promised feature of the original are we all entitled to a refund due to the game never being as advertised ?


people still play Diablo III? I thought we all migrated back to D2


considering nothing else in Diablo 3 was anywhere near “Blizzard quality” at release why does PvP have to be an exception ?

I wonder if they release the expansion before they release PvP a promised feature of the original are we all entitled to a refund due to the game never being as advertised ?

I was about to do the exact same rant. +1 to you Sir!


If anything, the only thing D3 had going for it was being “Blizzard quality”. The game felt 100x times better than TL2 or PoE, even if the mechanics/replayability wasn’t great.

1v1 and 2v2 will never work in D3. The only was I could see it working is if they went bigger, to 8v8 or 16v16, but I doubt that’s possible.


Is it still not out? Jesus christ, my friends and i spent THOUSANDS of hours over a decade or so playing D2 and i don’t think i know a single person who still has D3 installed.

Hell, i know more people who’ve played D2 this year than D3. Sooner or later they need to just man up and say “You know what? The game was bad, we’re sorry”.

Then again… i doubt they care, the game is EXACTLY how they wanted it, an auction simulator.


I liked D3 more then D2.


Its funny Blizzard quality used to stand for something exceptional. Since SC2 and D3 it changed to short-sighted, poorly managed games that lack any new ideas or concepts. They really have not pushed the envelope since WoW came out.



what’s wrong with SC2 ?
Diablo 3 had ALOT of new ideas they were just bad ideas, really WOW did not push any sort of envelope everything it did ever-quest had done it just offered a more casual experience.


SC2 was more of a disappointment for me then D3. D3 was an amazing week of gaming, the games gameplay was really top notch and yes although the story was in typical blizzard fashion extremely cheesy, the massive community hype around the launch and the drive to reach the end game and figure out the game was enough to keep me playing for about 2 weeks.

SC2 and D3 both had the same deficiencies in my mind, namely the incredible failure of bnet 2.0, a hollow and insular online experience, but they each had their own straw that broke the camel’s back.

For me in sc2 it was the ridiculous restrictions on the custom games that made it look like an ancient predecessor to wc3′s customs games. I spent 80% of my time in wc3 in ladder matches but without that other 20% to unwind in custom I never would have played it for as long as I did.

For D3 it was both the global AH and the no reset/season gameplay which gave the game an endless power creep/gear inflation which made the game seem utterly pointless. Couple that the economy and end game being really just an exploit fest and people were getting fairly frustrated after just 2 -3 days. Also the lack of pvp or anything at all to do except for HC mode (which was pretty cool) made the game a week affair instead of a year+ one.


I really don’t understand this fixation people have got with PvP in D3. The game isn’t designed for such combat. I’d have preferred loot runs be patched into the vanilla game than for Blizzard to waste any more time on PvP.

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