Concept artist alleges Black Ops 2 DLC ripped off his work


By on August 25, 2013 at 10:47 am

In a since-deleted blog post peeped by both Gamefront and Blue’s News, Pacific Rim concept artist Francisco Fruiz suggested the upcoming Apocalypse DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 plagiarised a couple of his paintings.

“They just should call me and hire me, I’m a big fan of their games,” he joked.

One Call of Duty fan put together a video showing off how the art and maps compare, reportedly presenting some pretty compelling similarities, but later deleted his YouTube channel, telling GameFront he received a number of “insane threats” from the shooter’s fans, which is entirely unsurprising given the madness Treyarch’s own patches bring out of the woodworks.

Although other users mirrored the video, even these have been deleted, leaving only second-hand reports as evidence that anything ever happened.

Source: Blue’s News

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Nasty Wet Smear

I once hung my head and looked down, just like that guy in the middle! Give me money!


COD? Stealing an idea??……………. noooooooooo!


If it was just the artwork as this reviews header title was, I wouldn’t mind.
But entire maps? Little sketchy there!

I was thinking we’d have another Mass Effect Ta’li thing going here.


COD? Stealing an idea??……………. noooooooooo!

^ i lol’d

calvat: If it was just the artwork as this reviews header title was

Artwork is still intellectual property if it were my art being used for something without my permission/royalties I would be PISSED.

This kind of thing happens to Ryan Bliss of digital blasphemy all the time his work is often ripped off and never credited. In some cases businesses have used his artwork from logos to bill boards to promote their product without his permission and that’s his entire livelihood.

His work was even stolen recently and used as a backdrop for an Allman Brothers concert without his permission. I don’t know many artists but based on his experience it’s completely believable that trey-arch could have stolen art assets. Intellectual property rights rarely ever protect these guys.


Guys with guns and beards shadowed by orange and blue with aircraft in the background…. that’s only every game cover made in the last decade. Welcome to the most popular colour scheme in film/tv/game advertising, why? Because it works.


All videos removed…


Quick settlement or Legal harrassment…


Even the mirrors were deleted. The power of cod fans is kind of scary.


Even the mirrors were deleted. The power of cod fans is kind of scary.

gamers in general it has to be the vocal minority but theirs alot of dicks among our ranks.

Threatening to murder game writers/developers family members or the person themself. Gamers have been responsible for some pretty sickening behavior and really their needs to be a punishment to fit the crime like a black list that all ISPs share for people that act like dicks.



The problem is anonymity. It’s so much easier to hide behind a nom de plume and shout threats and insults when we have the internet. Hence we get c0dr4p3r_336 threatening to come around and eat your babies because you got a head shot on him in CoD sequel 256. I’m sure that’s what the internet was developed for in the first place. (either that or porn)



i’m referring more to large scale assault on people on twitter etc surely the majority of these people are not behind proxies and would be relatively easy to track down and penalize for their stupidity.
or maybe anonymity on the internet is a bad idea and needs to go away, whatever is happening here it needs to stop.



I’m guessing most people wouldn’t think of how easy it is to be tracked down. The “beauty” of the internet is because you’re not looking the person in the eye it is much easier to be a giant douche. The consequences come afterward.



that’s my point why don’t we make things like that criminal offenses that we actually follow through and persecute hell even if you just make it a large fine and a footnote on a criminal record.
It’s ridiculous that so many people get away with being dicks on the internet.



On that you have my complete agreement. I’m not trying to justify their actions,just why people do it. My thinking is if you can’t say something to somebody’s face why should it be considered fine to say it over the internet? There’s no accountability, and there should be.


What I don’t understand, why would you take a video down because of a heap of CoD kiddie threats?


true. I’d just be laughing.

Not really related, just something I stumbled upon re stupid comments on the internet.


vcatkiller: My thinking is if you can’t say something to somebody’s face why should it be considered fine to say it over the internet? There’s no accountability, and there should be.

I just don’t understand how we allow it, I play abit of DOTA and I can’t remember the last game I had where someone wasn’t screaming abuse at someone to try and make themselves look better and shift blame to other players.

It’s crazy that people that are known for playing games are so aggressive and the insane part is we let people get away with it so few people respond to this abuse in a level headed fashion. The majority of gamers that I assume are not aggressive blow holes need to group up and in a mature way confront the negative culture we have in gaming at the moment.


Not really related, just something I stumbled upon re stupid comments on the internet.

Alot of people said that this was an insane punishment but really I have no sympathy, If you are going to make threats like this even as a joke their has to be a penalty. If you’re 18 and you don’t know that kind of behavior is wrong there’s a serious problem.

Honestly I don’t think jail is really the solution here I think community service and some re education for first time offenders maybe even second time offenders would be a far better approach than jail. But I’d rather members of society that act like dicks be in jail than out in public.

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