Company of Heroes 2′s Russian distributor stops selling game over portrayal of Russia

Company of Heroes 2

By on August 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Russian distributor 1C-SoftClub has halted its distribution of Company of Heroes 2 in response to the alleged misrepresentation of Russia’s actions during World War 2 that have caused a large amount of offence to Russian players.

“In connection with appeals of people who consider unacceptable number of episodes of the game, the company 1C-SoftClub chose 26 July 2013 to stop selling PC game Company of Heroes 2 (developer – Relic Entertainment, publisher – Sega) in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States, a group of former USSR countries],” said 1C-SoftClub on their site (as translated by Google).

“At the moment we are analyzing the situation and [informing] the developer and publisher of Company of Heroes 2.”

A response from SEGA indicates that they are “taking this issue very seriously and are investigating these concerns thoroughly with all relevant partners”.

Source: Polygon

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that escalated quickly


Looks like they have their head in the snow?


Good job – everyone knows that in warfare there is always a Good side and a Bad side and Relic’s cynical attempt to paint the noble warriors of the Red Army in a less than glorious light has been justly exposed by this decision.


Hooray! Let’s all ban things which do not 100% agree with our perception of reality!

At least Pussy Riot will have something to play in jail.


Russians are worse even then Americans with relation to delusions of grandeur about their country and its past.


Do people even care about the evidence which can be corroborated by multiple sources, including a lot of it which comes from russia.

I think we need to treat history with maturity and humility. Not with idealistic views of what should have been.


Good job – everyone knows that in warfare there is always a Good side and a Bad side and Relic’s cynical attempt to paint the noble warriors of the Red Army in a less than glorious light has been justly exposed by this decision.

Sadly accurate, just peruse the metacritic user ratings that were tanked over how the Russians were beaten by ‘genius’ German tactics and not the fact that they threw waves of people at the Germans (at least in the beginning) which NEVER HAPPENED, with many claiming Relic as ‘nazi sympathisers’. All of this due to one bloody video from a guy called (I think) Bad Comedian.

It’s completely retarded. What’s even worse are the people who CLEARLY haven’t played the game are leaving 1/10 reviews and throwing some terms into the comment to make it seem like they aren’t review bombing for ‘Russia’s portrayal’.

Have a look for yourselves:

I threw in 10 random ones (most overwhelmingly liked)

“Probably one of the most stupid scenarios in RTS games.
It was surprised that in Relic there are a lot of admirers of creativity of Goebbels. Well, I will never buy your games.”

“You will burn in hell! If you *ucking *diots will ever visit CIS please let everybody know. Announced this on your *ucking website. I will meet you in person and will make the swastika out of your asses.” (Their censorship; apparently idiots is a swear)

“The creators of the game delirious vision of war. In Russia, the game won’t find understanding and does not raise money. Russians will not lay out money for an ideological slop. Honored zero points, however, put.”

“If you care about real history don’t buy it.
Scenario of this game is trying to discredit and mix with dirt Russian history, giving the wrong idea of ​​what happened during the World War 2.”

“Its lies about my history. Lies and illogicality in every detail: scenario, facts, quotes everything. F*ck you relic, I wish you die. To all who loved this game. If you really want to know history just try to ask even me on but dont say any lies about my forefathers who died for my and YOUR freedom. For your information: 8 of 10 nazi’s divisions were destroyed by Red Army (I dont count Italian, Romanian, Spanish and other foreign nazi division) and only 2 of 10 was destroyed by allied forces England, USA and other.
And… nazis destroyed 14 000 000 civilians. Not soldiers. Civilians.”

“This game is a spit on my grand-grandfathers graves.
If you think, that I`m not objective, try learn history from books, not “Enemy at the gate” movies or propagandia documentary with Stalin=Hitler statements.”

“This game is full of propaganda cliches of the Cold War. It’s just a mockery of fallen Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the victory over Nazism.” (At least this is rational but won’t cite why because they’re all stupid)

This game is made by Nazi. Relic people should follow example of their leader Adolf Hitler and kill themselves. None of the facts shown is confirmed by ANY normal historic research and is deadly abusive to all ex-USSR countries.”

“I expected stupid clishes and some antisoviet propaganda in the game, but this crap is beyond imagination. Information war continues. Shame on you, Relic.”

“Relics, you HAVE TO watch this review! Maybe you’ll understand why so many people call you liars and why these people are right.

(This person links to the bad comedian video but I already knew it was the cause of a few to be angered beforehand due to news sites)



Based on the grammar and spelling alone, i am almost tempted to think that they appear to be comments by children.

What is interesting though is there is mention of family(i.e. grandfather) involved in the war and that there are lies about them. However at least from what i got out of CoH 2 was this was about what lengths the soviet union would go to in order to defend its territory obviously it included the main characters story but I dont think the game was necessarily depicting every soldier as a genocidal maniac.

Just a thought, if gamers want more mature games (I am talking more along the lines of games which try to “discuss” something of importance) we may expect more of these reactions. Perhaps its a good thing we are discussing these issues?

Although this is an RTS which makes it all the more interesting in regards to the reactions, i think it is strange that when the oringinal call of duty was released i cannot remember any reactions such as this.


Interesting to watch this from about 4:30

62nd Army had just 650 blocking troops to cover 56,000 soldiers.


Regardless of what the Russians really did or did not do in the war. The most humorous thing in my mind is how the Americans always portray themselves as the noble, heroic humanitarians and when they do something in the moral grey area it end up being for the benefit of everyone.
If this game was made by Russians I really doubt there would be such a fuss.

The game still sucked compared to its predecessors.


I’m bored, people get so carried away. If you don’t like the game for whatever reason, give a reasonable review of the game, in a civilized manner and move on.

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