Battlefield 4 ‘Paracel Storm’ multiplayer trailer shows a sprawling naval battle across a chain of islands

Battlefield 4

By on August 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm

One of the more impressive features in the Frostbite 3 Engine (here’s a showcase here) is the networked water. What this means is that the waves and the surface of the ocean are shared across all clients, allowing for cat-and-mouse gameplay across the waves.

Why do I bring this up? Because this trailer which you can see below, fresh out of this year’s Gamescom, shows an entire multiplayer map dedicated to huge naval battles. It looked intense enough to begin with, but then DICE thought it’d be a good idea to start dynamically changing the level (that’s their thing now). Take a look below. Crazy stuff.

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the new bf3 dlc looks fantastic


the new bf3 dlc looks fantastic

I see what you did there!


Good too see that they somewhat brought back the original battlefield theme for those feels.


the new bf3 dlc looks fantastic


This looks awesome



Yeah, but no. BF:BC3 was what we had. NOW we are getting BF3. :P


BF3 was not BFBC3.. I would have enjoyed BFBC3 >.< Bf3 was just.. disappointing.


the new bf3 dlc looks fantastic

Made me lol pretty good *Clap *Clap

Also this game looks amazing. I brought it and never installed :/

Actually i don’t even think my athlon II, 5770 and DDR2 667 could even run it.


Getting a Chubby now…


Looks awsome! good to see they’re doing some proper levels like this :D lets just hope they play out good lol


Annnnnnd I’m spent!

BF3 was awesome fun, and now it has everything I missed from BF2 in BF3…

It looks stunning… But yet again, not a single Zip line or grapple hook to be seen?!!?!?!?!

BF4 – Special Ops anyone?


yeah exactly…someone tell me how this is vastly different to BF3? other than a few tidbits here and there including bring back Commander, new maps, maybe vehicles….whats different?

EA/DICE are going down the route of FIFA….update previous version (FIFA 13) with 2-3 things we could have included in the last but didn’t, update player database, rebrand as FIFA 14 and sell it as a whole new product = money. Riduculous. The worst thing is we all just lap it up like puppies. *sigh* we’re our own worst enemies.



Research the differences yourself. I’m sure you have your own particular idea of what is “vastly different” and what is “just an update” anyway.

As for game companies releasing new games in cycles instead of just updating their old ones, it’s a matter of keeping business sustainable as well as allowing for technical and creative changes that aren’t practical otherwise.

Of course there are exceptions (e.g. Valve and TF2) and the cycles and extent of changes vary.


yeah exactly…someone tell me how this is vastly different to BF3?

Well alright, but apart from
* updated core engine
* move from 32 to 64 bit engine
* new maps
* dynamic and interactive maps
* more weapons and vehicles
* adding another element of combat, on the water
* return of a third faction
* return and updated commander mode
* spectator mode
* second screen support
what has DICE ever done for us!


I think trying to sell someone like thepharoah on it is about as waste of time as you can get.

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