Win a Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D RAGE headset every day for the next 19 days — enter once per day!

By on July 8, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Suffering from Poor Headset-itis? Constantly being surprised in every game of Battlefield 3 because your headset accidentally started picking up Classic FM instead of telling you there was a tank rumbling towards you? Well, suffer no longer, because Creative and have teamed up to give away 19 Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D RAGE headsets — one every day, for the next 19 days.

Tell me more about this headset

Gladly! The Tactic3D RAGE delivers lovely booming 3D sound for gaming through hefty 50mm Neodynium magnets drivers, allowing you to establish the location of your friends, enemies, and dinner, with pinpoint precision. An attached microphone allows you to relay the location of your friends, enemies and dinner to your team-mates, while the headsit sits comfortably on top of your head. How do we know all these things? Because we reviewed one, of course! Check that out here for more information (that one was wireless though — these are the USB versions).

Here’s some specs for you:

  • Driver Units: 50mm Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
  • Microphone Type: Noise Canceling Condenser
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz ~ 6.5kHz
  • Impedance: <2.2kohms
  • Sensitivity: -40dBV/Pa
  • Connectivity: USB Cable

Dang! How do I win?

Entry is simple. Just leave a comment below that explains, in 100 words or less, either the most creative, tactical, or enraged thing you have ever done in a game.

Pick just one of the three, and regale us with your story in the comments below. Remember: 100 words or less, and one entry per person per day only. Each day, we’ll go through all of the entries posted in that 24-hour period and pick our favourite.

You can enter as many times as you like, but only once each day. We’ll be checking the timestamps so don’t try anything sneaky! If you don’t win one day, enter again the next.

The first time period will be from now until 11:59PM AECT tonight. The next time period will be the next 24 hours after that (this first period is a bit shorter, but that’s the way it goes) and so on and so forth until all the winners are decided.

Any questions, let us know in the comments below.

Alright! Get cracking!

This competition is governed by the terms and conditions listed here. Australian residents only.

Winner #1 (8 July)

SilenceOz (link)

I was playing Twilight Princess,
I was up to the part where you had to learn a wolf song.

Yeah those, those bloody wolf song’s that are a pain for us non genius types to remember where to change the notes.

I actually got out a texta and drew on the TV when and where I had to howl next so I could pass the song.
Turned out it was permanent texta.

Wolf song passed, Parents Pissed right off, me grounded.

Winner #2 (9 July)

Bicketybam (link)

Back in the first Red Alert, during a mp lan game I had 2 bases, both cloaked but one suddenly uncloaked with a very audible “Oh Shit” from me. That was enough to get the attention of my enemy and for him to send his forces! After finally fighting through landmines, rocket troops and waves of tanks he landed on my doorstep and said “Say goodbye to your Construction Yard!” BANG! and my FAKE Construction Yard blew up!

“What the fuck?”

Meanwhile, at the back of his base, my REAL army started firing!

Again I heard… “What the fuck!?!?!”

Winner #3 (10 July)

artek (link)

In the old days of Asheron’s Call, my guild protected a crystal for a whole month 24/7 from destruction by other players. Around the clock shifts were set to protect it for the whole month. Turbine expected this to be destroyed so their prepared next month storyline could continue, but we have managed to hold it. In the end Turbine spawned a huge attack army to destroy the crystal, so the story line of our shard could be back in sync with the rest. To commemorate the achievement, statue was built in game for us.

Winner #4 (11 July)

tek5828 (link)

Battlefield 3:

Our team was absolutely destroying. So much in fact everyone except one person had rage-quit from the opposing side.

The whole team ended up chasing this last soldier around, it was my bright idea to lob a grenade right in front of where he was running.

He ran past it. It blew up, and my whole team (except me) died.

My points plummeted for all the team-kills, he dispatched me and our team lost.

Understandably, they were pretty enraged.

Winner #5 (12 July)

the-bim (link)

Playing BF3, was playing sniper, but took a tank cause it was in the base. Did great for a while, but was losing to another tank. Bailed when it was about to explode, but ran at the enemy tank as a last ditch effort, hoping to fool him. It must have worked, cause thinking I was an engineer or support he backed up… big time. Off a hill into rocks, where he got stuck… right next to another of our teams tanks.

Winner #6 (13 July)

Ralph Wiggum (link)

Playing Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, my brother would always use those goddamned Aurora bombers which dropped massive ordnance and were near impossible to kill.

But I got my revenge by launching a surprise tunnel attack, scattering men armed with suicide vests throughout his base. The sweetest moment came when they approached my brother’s airfields. The Aurora bomber AI responded to the incoming threat by attacking my men throughout the base…utterly destroying my brothers already weakened base in the process. The shock of my brother losing to his own friendly fire was one of my best gaming moments.

Winner #7 (14 July)

J-Me (link)

In MechWarriorLL, I meet a Clanner in a Donar. We dog fight and it’s neck and neck. He’s one alpha strike from criticality so I fire all weapons simultaneously at his centre hull. But he’s still a feather’s touch away from destruction.

I won’t survive the 5 seconds my weapons need to recycle. So I eject into battle armour and point my SBL skyward as I plummet towards ground. I lase him and fire both SRMs.


With some jetpack finesse I manage to reunite with my freefalling Hawkmoth, fly back to base, trade-in and upgrade to a heavy mech.

Winner #8 (15 July)

spawneh (link)

During the Natural Selection 2 free weekend on steam, in an earlier build of the game. Me and some friends decided it would be amazing to all go lerk (small flying alien). We figured out you could glide and still remain invisible with the camouflage upgrade. Then using the lerk’s taunt, a high pitch screech. We glided invisibly around the marines, screeching.

All the marines stopped what they were doing and started trying to hunt us, all the while we were just next to them. Causing a distraction that allowed our team to take control of the map and win.

Winner #9 (16 July)

Unitzero (link)

My one and only DRM Rage.
Bought Company of Heroes for the bargain price of $10. Got it home, would not install. Needed a login. Search internet for place to register and duly do so. Login and install. Game will not run until updated. Okay, click the links provided. Links are dead. Register at another forum for help. Register somewhere else to see the links. Download 1.3gb of updates…

Throw disk into the recycling. Taking the greatest care to superglue the &*@$%# disk into its jewel case, lest anyone else unwittingly pick it up

Winner #10 (17 July)

Jasdog (link)

Diablo 2 had just been released and my brother and I were obsessed. However, my brother’s Sorcerer was level 40, whereas my Necromancer was only 17, and stuck at Duriel.

I was jealous of this fact. It wasn’t fair! But I had a plan.

I loaded up the game, selected his character, and pressed delete.

I might have actually gotten away with it, had I not then freaked out with paranoia, opened the computer case, and subtly attacked the harddrive with a fork to hide the evidence of my deed. I wish I knew more about computers back then…

Winner #11 (18 July)

Mearehear (link)

The year was 1989. The game, Labyrinth on my C64, cassette version.

I had “adventured” my way through levels, being enthralled by the game. The days before internet walkthroughs, where you had to figure it out yourself. As such I was hugely proud of my progress.

I had reached “The Bog of Eternal Stench” and the game had to load the next section, but it sat there flashing, taking longer and longer with the cassette “playing”, and never loaded. Even on reattempts.

To this day I am enraged & furious about that, and never played a cassette based game again.

Winner #12 (19 July)

Raumulos (link)

I used to play America’s Army, it required lots of hearing and predicting enemy movement.

A tactic that I used to use was to pop a smoke grenade in the corner of a room and sit on the smoking grenade waiting and listening for the enemy.

As I heard the footsteps I readied myself and fired. This worked on more than one occasion until the point where people started being cautious of random smoke grenades.

Winner #13 (20 July)

Calvat (link)

Bad Company 2 our team was being spawn camped… Someone destroyed their chopper, as ours spawned; a pilot and myself took off to fly over, upon lifting off tanks and rockets were firing away.

The pilot took a nose dive into a tank in an attempt to kamikaze, the tanks barrel aimed at us I just bailed in time as the chopper exploded; I parachuted and propelled too far across the map. Luckily, I was in front of their spawn now, with the cap to their spawn.
I capped it, everyone spawned in and we flanked them. Victory..~

Winner #14 (21 July)

Crocadrilla (link)

Logged into a DayZ server and found I wasn’t a fresh spawn on this hive. In the pitch black, no idea where with an empty Winchester. Running along a road I spot car headlights ahead. I sneak behind it and spot the owner just up ahead skinning an animal. I develop a nefarious plan, and get in the back seat. He returns, jumps in driver’s seat and starts moving, unawares of his stowaway. I start heavily breathing in vehicle coms chat … he totally freaks out and ejects, I switch to drivers and slam the accelerator, laughing all the while

Winner #15 (22 July)

ro0z (link)

Coming back to WoW during the Burning Crusade a good friend of mine was helping me through the heroic dungeons so I could gear up faster, we were at the last boss Keli’dan the Breaker, this was my first dungeon run after hitting max level so I was relying on my friend to tell me the mechanics of the fight. So he goes ahead and trolls me telling me to move into the boss when he does his burning nova and shazzam instant death, the laughter over vent! the rage I will never forget!

Winner #16 (23 July)

stuntboots (link)

Perfect Dark against my brother. We were perfectly matched, with equal skill and one kill either way meant victory. We’d machine gunned, snipered and pistoled our scores up, with our bot allies doing nothing but getting in the way. I only had limited ammo, and my brother was making his way towards me. I summoned my bot and quickly covered her surface area with remote mines, then setting my brother as her target. By the time he’d realised and fired it was too late. But not too late to not regret screen cheating.

Winner #17 (24 July)

Grievance (link)

When I use to spend all my waking hours theory crafting and playing Diablo2:LoD on, I’d theory craft viable builds for PVP and spend hours in the trade forum, bartering for gear for the builds I made. Once I had acquired all my dream gear for my PVP Zealot and won many encounters, Blizzard released a new patch which disabled ‘life leech %’ on hit in PVP which my Level 96 Zealot was purely based on. I hit my mouse on the desk so hard the ball flew out. I didn’t look for the ball.

Winner #18 (25 July)

AzzaFortysix (link)

I was playing Minecraft survival, after days of gathering resources and building my base, it was finally done. It was the best I’d ever made, but I forgot to light it up inside. I went into my storage room to get some torches but there was a creeper in there, it blew me and ALL my chests up. I was so mad I quit the world and tried deleting it, but it wouldn’t delete so I completely uninstalled Minecraft from my PC. It was so enraging that I haven’t played Minecraft since and I won’t play it again.

Winner #19 (26 July)

Surgeon. (link)

When I used to play Forza 2 online with friends, my strategy was to write abusive messages about them on the back of the car using the paint shop. It started with simple insults and quickly escalated to attempted psych-outs. Then it was just a matter of hogging the entire track so all they could see was my rear bumper. Unfortunately it soon became a game amongst my friends to try and dislodge my bumper from the car as quickly as possible.

347 comments (Leave your own)

Cornflakes. Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes!


I was playing DOTA 2 with a friend who always manages to get me riled up, stealing last hits then asking ‘What did I do wrong?’ He ended up feeding me to the enemy team and I suddenly turned into Donkey Kong, screamed and hit both hands on my keyboard like an ape. From then he kept riling me but I channeled it into absolutely punishing the enemy team and ended up out carrying due to my friend’s insults which had me running on pure anger. I never thanked him but I don’t think I ever should.


I was playing a FPS don’t remember which but i was playing and i was getting destroyed. Just kept dying over and over again. So in my fit of rage i threw my controller and it bounced off the floor and hit me square in the face breaking my nose. Needless to say it hurt and i needed a new controller.


In BF3, our team was being stomped in a CTF game, I managed to get my hands on our tank and defend our flag for a 20 kill killstreak, much to the many, many complaints from the enemy team directed towards me, we managed to win the round! A satisfying win :)


I was playing TF2 on goldrush and the team was doing so well in the scrim and there was only 2 minutes until the match would be over (we were defending) and we’d win the championship but thheeeen lightning decides to hit my house and my PC got fried. 2 weeks later I found out that my team decided to derp out in the last 30 seconds and the other team won :I.


I was teaching somebody to play C&C2 multiplayer, although really he had a good grasp of the game already, having played it for quite a while already. While he was building a whole bunch of troops and grouping them off to the side I build a whole bunch of subterranean APCs and a whole bunch of engineers. Before he could do anything I had unleashed a whole army of engineers in the middle of his base, conquered his construction yard, Hand of Nod and war factory. He consequently rage quit while I laughed maniacally like an evil genius, and wondered why he wasn’t too impressed.


Once I was playing Minecraft and was a bit short of creative ideas. So I went and got a schematic from a website, built the building on my clan’s server and claimed the design as my own giving no credit to original builder. Every one complemented me on my creative talent. If the original designer knew about my theft he would be enraged making this event cross the boundaries of both creativity and enragement – FTW

P.S – I also made up the word enragement (so creative)


I was playing Twilight Princess,
I was up to the part where you had to learn a wolf song.

Yeah those, those bloody wolf song’s that are a pain for us non genius types to remember where to change the notes.

I actually got out a texta and drew on the TV when and where I had to howl next so I could pass the song.
Turned out it was permanent texta.

Wolf song passed, Parents Pissed right off, me grounded.


After coming out second best in an intense “dog” fight over the sunny hills of Caspian border I ejected from my F/A 18 Super Hornet and descended from the sky onto an enemy Russian T-90 tank engaged in a fire fight with local infantry.

As I came down on the jet I fired my Engineers SMAW directly over the top of the smoking T-90 and scored a double kill before hitting the ground.

Death from above in Battlefield 3 like never before!


Probably my most creative bastard move this year:

Traitor in Terrorist Town (gmod gamemode, 25% of people are traitors and have to kill the rest; traitors are unknown). I was a traitor. I put some C4 under a desk, with a timer for 5 minutes. I called for a detective to put a health station in the room (they did) so people would congregate, which they actually did. After 4 minutes (the beeping became audible enough), I kept shutting the door on 4 people who were trapped in there until the C4 finally blew us up. None of their friends managed to come and kill me in time.



I was going to enter today, however rapid101 has clearly got this in the bag and I think he should win. Enjoyable read, 10/10.


One fine day in Battlefield 1943… I was casually strolling along the beaches in Guadalcanal with the sun shining, birds singing, waves breaking along the shore… Enemy tanks being blown to smithereens by rockets, troops being run over by jeeps and planes exploding in the air around me…
I snuck behind enemy lines whilst they were eating Tuna Sandwiches, infiltrated the enemy base and planted explosives on the enemy airplanes windows to block the pilots vision.

If they didn’t crash due to not being able to see, they sure weren’t going to get far as I set the explosives off.


I was playing the last of us on ps3 when i picked up a brick and threw it at a guys head and suddenly it hit him in the face killed him and bounced of into his teamates head which also killed him, his bandit friend then came over and i shot him in the nuts with a crossbow and heard him scream with agonizing pain


I was in a competition for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, using the intervention. It was SnD with 60 seconds remaining, I was the last defender, 3 attackers were left alive; with only 1 bullet, and a throwing knife. The bomb carrier approaches Bomb-B (Underpass) to plant, I wait in the shadows. As he finishes planting his team-mate runs in-front of me, lining up both the two, taking out two birds with one stone. Whilst diffusing, I hear footsteps approaching. I cancel the diffuse, and stick the throwing knife in between his eyes with not a second to react.


I once kicked my computer monitor through my study wall.
I was having a very, very bad day.


Got a double kill in the killcam with a care package.


I was playing League of Legends with my cousin and friends. Playing one of my favorite champions and was pumped for the game, within 2 minutes had been completely outplayed and my mates were giving me shit for it. I ended up rage quitting the game and in a fit of rage literally bending my headset in half, now i need to buy a new one :(



I once built a 5:1 scale DOMO (MissMurder’s Skin at the time) in Minecraft on’s server.
The statue was of MissMurder Smashing off Giblet1′s arm with a Ban Hammer. (for lulz). It was amazing and many players enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the Statues and I kept getting blown up because I could not hear any creepers with my AOC monitor audio.

Nasty Wet Smear

We once took a hooker to the train tracks in GTA and gently moved the car back and forth so that she didn’t… Um… Start working. Then, when we saw the train, we stopped so she’d… Er… Begin her work.

When the train hit she’d climb out of the car because it was ‘under attack’, but wasn’t ‘moving’ so it was safe. She’d be sucked under the train and money would RAIN FROM THE SKY! :D

I dunno if I can use this as an entry, I just wanted to tell everyone.


I was playing Minecraft survival, after days of gathering resources and building my cathedral, it was finally done. It was the best building I’d ever made, but I forgot to light it up inside. I went into my storage room to get some torches but there was a creeper in there, it blew me and ALL my chests up. I was so mad I quit the world and tried deleting it, but it wouldn’t delete so I completely uninstalled Minecraft from my PC. When I reinstalled it weeks later, the world was still there and I absolutely cracked it.

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