Watch this launch trailer for Civ V: Brave New World, and be inspired

Civilization V: Brave New World

By on July 1, 2013 at 6:21 pm

The next expansion for Civilization V comes out shortly — the 12th of this month, in fact — and for some reason Firaxis are releasing their launch trailer twelve days early. But hey! Trailers.

Brave New World brings with it a new take on diplomacy and culture, as well as nine new civilizations, eight new wonders, two new scenarios, four new gameplay systems and a heap of new units, buildings and improvements.

It’s retailing on Steam for $45, but why pay that when you could use the code GMG25-BAWQB-8UQWG and get it for just $20 on Green Man Gaming? (That code expires tonight, but it’s still only $27 without the code so there’s no reason at all to play inflated Australian prices!)

Check out the trailer below, or why not read our preview?

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Thank you for the discount code.


Yes, discount code rocks! Thanks guys :D Really looking forward to this.


Sorry but it is just too late for Civ5, we suffered through the terrible beginnings as firaxis pumped out DLC while using their paying customers to beta test the game for them.


Sorry but it is just too late for Civ5, we suffered through the terrible beginnings as firaxis pumped out DLC while using their paying customers to beta test the game for them.

Really? What game were you playing? The only shitty DLC were the single Civ expansions that were quite rude. The core game post Gods & Kings was brilliant and since that first expansion they haven’t released poxy DLC content again.

If you give up on a game that quickly I’d hate to ever wrong you. Honestly, give it a crack if you can get it on sale Schrapple. It’s come a long way, just like Civ IV did from first release to second expansion.


Ummmm… you asked me what game I was playing then conceded that the DLC was shitty??? So to clarify I was playing a buggy game that had shitty DLC being produced while the main game was still unfinished.

But seriously, I payed full price to buy the game when it first came out. They gouged me on the Australia tax and what was delivered wasn’t a finished product. I refuse to buy additional expansions after I have been so blatantly ripped off on my initial purchase, which shits me because I have played and loved CIV games since Civ 1.

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