Wargaming commits to Australian server for World of Tanks

World of Tanks

By on July 22, 2013 at 11:19 am

Wargaming.net revealed to games.on.net yesterday in an interview at PAX Australia that they are committing to the development of a World of Tanks server physically located in Australia.

“We don’t have a timeframe yet,” said Wargaming’s South-East Asia CEO Jasper Nicolas to us on Sunday afternoon. “But the political will is there. We are committed to it and we are going to make it happen.”

“We know how important it is to get that ping down even lower, to shave those milliseconds off. We’re doing a lot of research right now to decide where to locate it. But we are going to do it. It is only a matter of time.”

Great news for the seven thousand Australian World of Tanks players.

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That’s pretty cool, I played it for the first time at PAX (I admit I only played to get a showbag lol), but I could see it being fun, and will probably look at it again at home :D


I played for awhile but found it too unbalanced and could’nt really get into it…

Hoping the ground combat in warthunder when it comes will be better, need a local server for that to.

But having 1 for WoT might draw me back for another go…


I get around 150ms on the SEA server at the moment and find it perfectly playable, however I dont play at the serious end of the game so I might not notice it like others.

But I throw money at ANY company that provides us with local servers, I throw money at Path of Exile all the time.


Ping isn’t too bad for this game. Lower helps, but anything below 250ms is normally fine.

I’m suspecting that what they’ll actually do is set up a local server as a cluster server of the main ASIA cluster. TBQH a lot of the player grief is from AU/NZ players believing other countries in the region have low quality players, not complaints about bad ping. Thus they will still complain (especially if they find out the majority of Aussie / NZ players aren’t that good either).


The ping’s not that bad anymore playing on SEA, 180 is exceptional for me after the 350ping on the NA server. Really glad to see they are planning another server.
For Bishop, you just need to ask around or check out what tanks are good at doing what (even in the lowest tiers) the community usually helps even the general chat can be of use, but the forums are fairly organised to get quick answers.
I’ve had a few friends play it and say wtf, this tank is op, or this tank is. But some of them just have really low skill requirements (KV-1S/T82). A quick chat or look at where they fail usually makes them a lot easier to take on.e.g. The KV-1S has a 20s reload time… so if you see one miss, laugh and go beat it up until you think he’s about reloaded (you’ll get the feeling when you see them try and aim)


yeah thats partially true otto
the other part is we stuck on a server where most of the players dont speak english and half the time its just boxes or 555 55555

cant really communicate even simple go left flank or stop that tank when they replay with [] [] [] [] [] 555

having said that im not sure if we have a large enuf player base to fill a server to get proper matches


I played WoT during the closed beta many months ago. It was fun then, but when they reset everyone’s accounts during the shift to open beta (i think), i wasn’t that inclined to start from scratch again. Might consider giving it another shot.


Is this game moderately similar to, or a successor to Tanarus? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanarus_(video_game)
Used to play the hell out of this game back in the day, and was devo when they pulled the plug on it. :(


I havent gotten into WOT but I do love WarThunder, A few of my mates made the move from WOT to WT because of the imbalance.

I cant speak on that behalf but I do find WT pretty fun for a F2P game but it can get very expensive if you do want to invest into the game.



Path of exile got an aussi server?



Similar in that both have tanks, but WoT is a much more measured and methodical game. Best bet is to look at a gameplay video to compare.


Will be great to have an Australian server for WoT, it will foster much better communication with everyone obviously speaking english, and the Australian WoT eSports scene is actually pretty strong. Would be great to see more Aussie WoT eSports events run by ESL AU.



Haha yeah was grasping at straws a bit. Tanarus was definitely arcadey but a lot of fun. I’ll have to check it out, cheers.


I played it a fair bit at pax and enjoyed it got it at home but I find it boring, and I don’t want to grind / pay the fun tank destroyers I was previously using


The Asian servers still give a playable ping. Lower is always better, but, if it resets the player (tank commander) pool, then it is useless. It has only started getting good recently because there are 10-20,000 players online in SEA.



Yeah, check the PoE forum on here for the details.


I was playing a bit of WoT but then got into War Thunder. WT has it’s problems but I haven’t looked back. Once it gets tanks it’s going to be great :)


Hahaha! Sweet! Can’t wait to play WoT with only 50 ping instead of ~200 and without those annoying boxes coming up in chat along with 555+


having said that im not sure if we have a large enuf player base tofill a server to get proper matches

Hey i”m a fat man, I’ll increase the player base by quite a bit!


Read Otto’s comment and agree in part, but anything that brings the better ping is a win afaiac…
gg IGN

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