Titanfall now available for pre-order, Australians to pay an extra $20


By on July 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Once again it looks like Invisible and Unexplainable Reasons will cause Australians to pay more for Titanfall when it launches here. EA and Respawn have put the game up for pre-sale on Origin, where you can buy in for a cool $80 — or just $60, if you’re in the US.

You can find the product listing here. The game is not expected to launch until early 2014, but it’s possible (even likely) that early orders will get some kind of strange bonus, as is the fashion these days.

Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game (with dedicated servers) from Respawn (formerly known as “most of the people at Infinity Ward”), featuring both mech combat and on-foot FPS action. It looks quite rad, as our E3 impressions show — but whether it is $80 of rad or not is up to you to decide.

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i agree with gammad


Meh, i stopped being interested in the game after the devs started making crackpot blanket statements. I’m not paying to support idiots.


It’s ok guys – the one redeeming factor of origin is that it’s easy to buy a key from overseas, and it’s region free.


It’s ok guys – the one redeeming factor of origin is that it’s easy to buy a key from overseas, and it’s region free.

I’ve got 20 something games on Origin but not a one bought from it.

As early days as this is – having just gone up for order – I’ve already found it cheaper at Gamersgate UK, presumably to come to all the other usual key sites at some point in time.


published by EA made by the people that brought you CoD… am i the only one that feels like this game is CoDs multiplayer with mechs ?

There’s so much hype around it but I just don’t understand it it seriously looks like call of duty with mechs to me :S o and a little bit of wall running


This honestly sounds like the worst possible situation. EA buying the people that brought us some of the worst FPS games ever and then making something truly horrible. Yay…




Are people retroactively hating on CoD4 because of what it’s done to the industry now? If I remember a few years back, everyone loved it.



People would of still be loved the series if they stopped mass producing CoD 3 games ago. For me, even less.

But with all the history and experience we have with the companies separately, there is no indication of true innovation or love put into the game. I know its just a speculation but hey, consistencies are more reliable than hope.

For me personally, I like the looks of the game but uncertain of how long it can keep my interest. Once the concept gets old, are the game mechanics truly awesome with various features that want me to continue? I personally just want another Battle Zone with SP sharing the same mechanics as MP.


Unexplained reasons my arse. They raise the price for Aussies for exactly the same reason Adobe and Microsoft do with their software – because they can, and because people will buy it anyway. There’s no motivation for these arseholes not to.


wait till just before release date and purchase from a cd key retailer.

cuts upto 80% of the money from going to the developer.



Battlezone. I miss that game, and I’m sure virtually no one even knows about it. Just to be clear, cold war all over our solar system, correct? And it was awesome. Also, typical EA pricing nonsense. I share GammaD’s sentiment about this.


Slug me $20 extra for no reason…I think I’ll be happily playing BF4 and waiting in anticipation for Star Citizen!


an extra $15 with the current exchange rate, and thats only going to get worse


it’s possible (even likely) that early orders will get some kind of strange bonus, as is the fashion these days.

You mean early orders will enable full access to the game without having to pay later for something that’s already included or, once upon a time, were free post-release addons.



Titanfall now available for pre-order, Artful-dodgeR not giving a flying fuck.




*squeals like a little girl*


it appears there’s no real reason to be in the mech, it can’t shoot strait and it can easily have it’s brains blown out by any highly acrobatic chap on the field.

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