The Steam Sale is upon us: Day one bargains here

Shut Up And Take My Money

By on July 12, 2013 at 10:08 am

Steam have kicked off their annual Summer Sale, and that means of course it’s time for you to take your wallet and bury it in the backyard under a foot of solid concrete so you’re not tempted to destroy your carefully balanced budget with games you’ll never play… ah who am I kidding, go nuts.

First off the ranks today are deals such as BioShock Infinite for $40, Defiance for $13.60, and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for $12.

There’s also some budget titles up for grabs with Left 4 Dead 2 down to a ridiculous $5, Hotline Miami at just $2.50 and Antichamber for $6.70.

If you get in in the next 23 minutes you can also grab Skyrim‘s Legendary Edition (that’s the one with all the DLC) for just $30. Thirty dollars. If you miss out, that deal’s bound to come back again.

Get cracking, and remember to check back at least once every 8 hours for flash sales.

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My wallet just had a stroke looking at these.




Miami Hotline looks a good’n… given I’ll only play five minutes.


Awsome…All I want is Skyrim Legendary…
…At work, proxy on tha fritz…then while it does work I can’t remember my steam password and apparently you need the client to force a password reset…but the client is blocked by the proxy.
Doomed to fail…. [insert crying man here]


Was hoping the Skyrim DLC would be cheaper.



Same, might go on a daily sale or community vote for ~75% hopefully. 50% is way to little.



No, the deals was only for a few (6?) hours and has not gone back to 30% off


Yeah I realized that after I posted, edited to avoid looking like a retard, but you replied too fast… thanks. :)


Looks like Amazon Digital is doing their usual middle finger to Steam by price matching the dailys, might be worth checking out over there (Assuming you’ve set up the ‘ol fake US adress thing) to bypass some of these regional price jackings.
Today’s Bioshock Infinite for example.

Village idiot

Time to buy some more bargains that i more than likely wont even play for another year or so.


Luckily i stayed up late last night, picked up CSGO for $5


Awsome…All I want is Skyrim Legendary…
…At work, proxy on tha fritz…then while it does work I can’t remember my steam password and apparently you need the client to force a password reset…but the client is blocked by the proxy.
Doomed to fail….[insert crying man here]

Steam app on phone means you can win all day everyday


Its funny that many things on “sale” are still more expensive then elsewhere for a steam key.

You can get bioshock steam key, for example, for $32.50 on a popular cd key selling site.



CD key retailers are 40-60% off.
Steam can get all the way to 80% off, but they will never go that high on new released games like bioshock.

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