Survarium screenshots show that lovely post-apocalyptic gloom


By on July 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Vostok Games have release four new screens from the alpha of their upcoming MMOFPS Survarium. If you’re thinking “boy, that looks a lot like STALKER!” it’s because, as you’ll recall, Vostok are formed from the ashes of GSC Game World following a whole pile of firings and unpleasantness.

Survarium — which I really keep wanting to pronounce as “Survivarium” — will be free-to-play and have massive, persistent worlds for players to share. That’s the plan at least, but we’ll know more once the alpha tests are concluded.

You can register for the alpha over here. In the meantime, check out these screens (click to enlarge).

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… I really keep wanting to pronounce as “Survivarium”…

Me too. Actually I keep seeing it as that every time I see the name, it’s not until you pointed it out I realized what I was doing.


I pronounced it as Survivarium also for a long, long time haha. Excited for this.


Stalker, MMO, F2P, Persistent World… Will it blend?

Well the concept sounds awesome but I’m very wary of this project. I love Stalker to bits though. However its likely the features in this game will be minimal with mediocore FPS OR attempts to be bigger than it can be and people will lag, such as Australians who probably won’t have server support.


It sounds very much like their original views for S.T.A.L.K.E.R, which was originally going to contain a cooperative style multiplayer mode, where clans of stalkers could battle it out in a large open world for supplies and all that sort of stuff, but unfortunately they were never able to deliver on their original vision.

I’m very wary of how it will all come together, but genuinely looking forward to it as well. Hopefully they use a server provider like or something, so that we can definitely get AU servers.


Stalker, MMO, F2P, Persistent World… Will it blend?

My thoughts exactly. Huge fan of stalker, MMOs not so much.

Also I swear that’s the ak74u from stalker. Hand models look damn similar too.


Everything on the site seems to indicate that, while this IS an MMO, it’s heavily instanced, so networking issues shouldn’t be a huge deal anyway. I don’t think a full scale MMO was ever on the cards with this.


On the fence about this too. STALKER was really the epitome of a good single player game. The whole game was based around your sense of isolation in a cold, unforgiving world.

Anything with a significant multiplayer component will probably try to cram players together as much as possible.

If it’s a simple as playing STALKER is a world where a few other people also happen to be playing STALKER, then fine. But if it’s a case of forcing you to team up with people and effectively play team deathmatch, I’m less excited.

Still, I’m glad the series is living on in one form or another.

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