Strap into your exosuit: Firefall is now in open beta (download the client from us now)


By on July 10, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Red 5 Games have announced that Firefall — an MMO with real-time twitch-based combat, where everybody and their dog is wearing a jetpack-powered exoskeleton called a Battleframe — is now in open beta.

We last took a look at the game during the closed beta test, where we discovered a surprisingly deep and flexible levelling system, as well as unusually compelling crafting opportunities and an AI director which monitors zones for player activity and dynamically creates challenges for you to keep you on your toes.

You can download the 4.3GB client from our file library now.

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hmm … played during closed beta it was interesting but I never found myself getting into any groups or doing anything interesting so it got boring might try it again now that it’s open


What are the pings like?


What are the pings like?

not noticeable, I was getting about 200 ms during beta which didn’t affect gameplay at all


how can a twitch based shooter mmo with a 200ping not affect gameplay? Was it made by a wizard?


spooler: not noticeable,I was getting about 200 ms during beta which didn’t affect gameplay at all

That’s the opposite of my beta experience, every time i tried to play i was lagging all over the place, the net code is also done in a way that once you pass a lag threshold you can’t even move.


I requested the full client be mirrored this evening. Hopefully it goes thou
Steam is quite annoying now they REMOVED content display banner about 3-4 patchs ago, quota is easier to use up now


I hope they have AU or asia servers for this game


I only experienced lag when I was in the initial training section, ironically there were no other players around.

If you want to download it quickly, get the streaming download. It’s much quicker.


technically pretty easy…

client side hit resolution instead of server side… which i think is pretty much what firefall did.

note that latency will still affect you in other ways, particularly when you are being hit… so hitting ppl quake style is not a real problem in firefall, you can nail someone with plasma cannon (think rocket launcher) despite both of you moving at high speed in the air with jetpacks…

but dodging the shots are going to be a bit more tricky…


Any word on if you guys will be hosting the file?



But how does that work in with the communication time between my computer and their servers? Just because my enemy is in place X on my screen, by the time his actual position is communicated to me he’s not actually there anymore? .. or am I thinking about this all wrong?


The client just showed up on the mirror: Firefall Client


The client just showed up on the mirror: Firefall Client

Beat me to it. Yes, it just went up an hour ago. I’ll update the article.


Downloading now. Hopefully ping is playable.



Because your client tells the server whether you hit it or not, so if it looks like you hit it on your screen you did. As this game is largely PVE, it has little effect on the game play.



Ahh fair enough. Cheers for that.


Essentially what you are thinking is a server side hit resolution.

on a client side hit resolution .. your firing information is not being sent to the server to be decided if you hit or not, it was decided already on your side… the client, so you perceive no real lag in your aiming and the communication time or latency between your computer and their server is irrelevant for the purpose of getting your shot to connect.

the only real problem (aside of the system being more vulnerable to aim hacks) is that it also means you can be hit by things that didn’t seems like they should hit on your screen at times.

But overall it’s an acceptable price to pay for the important part ie: how well one can aim in the game.

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