Steam Summer Sales, day seven: The Secret World, Sleeping Dogs, Mark of the Ninja and more

Steam Sale Fry

By on July 17, 2013 at 7:39 am

A slew of top-notch titles are leading the seventh day of the Steam Summer Getaway Sales today, with heavy discounts on some iconic favourites such as System Shock 2 down to just $2.49.

You can also grab the brilliant Mark of the Ninja for just $3.74, the criminally underrated Sleeping Dogs for $6.24 (our review here) and the hella-fun Orcs Must Die 2 at just $3.74 (again, our review).

Rounding out the sale are discounts on The Secret World down to just $15 (which is free-to-play, so now’s the time), DmC Devil May Cry at $24.99, and Crysis 2 for $8.99. There’s also Rising Storm for $9.99 (read our thoughts) and Alan Wake for just $2.99.

For the next three hours you can also grab Assassin’s Creed III for $23.96, and the stupidly-good-value Skyrim: Legendary Edition is back on sale for just $29.99.

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wish i bought skyrim now, bought the game and dlc separately, now need to pick dragonborn but it is 17 bucks not worth it, ill wait damn NANGIT!

Nasty Wet Smear

No DLC is worth the money they charge for it, let alone nearly the same price I paid for the original game. *Angry face*


$30 is too much for a game the size of Skyrim and all its DLC? Wow, you kids need jobs.

Nasty Wet Smear

$30 is too much for a game the size of Skyrim and all its DLC? Wow, you kids need jobs.

No, buying Skyrim for about $50.00 is fine. Paying $20.00 for each of it’s DLC’s is laughable on the face of it. I think maybe you misunderstood. :)


a little off topic but curious to know if there are any laws preventing modders from remaking the DLC in the steam workshop for free distribution?

Some of the work made by the community is brilliant



I think there are probably laws against that. It’s easy enough to get free anyway since the DLC is just a .bsa file. That said, Skyrim and its DLC are well worth the paying for.


Fortunately I had resisted buying Skyrim, for the last year, until this morning…woot!
Bethesda really should severly slash the prices of the DLC packs now that the Legendary Edition is making a mockery of the DLC prices. They’re only screwing over their own loyal fans atm, while us lesser fans reap the rewards.


Bought Sleeping Dogs for that price when it popped up as a flash sale.

Best $6 ever man, this game is GTA with Kung Fu and fun as hell. I’ve been playing 3 hours and I don’t even care that I haven’t even seen a gun yet.


Some of the work made by the community is brilliant

Probably worth noting that house building one (Hearthfire?) was essentially taken from an already released, no doubt progressing mod. I’ve also come across a range of mods that improve vampires/werewolves pre-Dawn Gaurd, so Bethesda are definitely taking cues from the community for their release. Not quite the same thing as fulling recreating licensed content, and they definitely aren’t the first company to ‘borrow’ the communities ideas (WoW and the UI ‘improvements’), but I digress.

On a non-skyrim related note, it is good to see The Secret World up in the current top sales. People are definitely in for a treat. :)


I strongly recommend Mark of the Ninja to anyone who is a fan of both stealth games and platformers.



You sir may have just convinced me to finally get it,

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