Space Hulk now available to pre-purchase on Steam, releasing August 16

Space Hulk

By on July 29, 2013 at 11:35 am

The video game adaptation of Space Hulk is now available to buy on Steam, where it’ll set you back a cool $29.99.

The game includes the “Sin of Damnation” single-player campaign, as well as asynchronous multiplayer that works cross-platform between PC, Mac and even iOS. A brief in-game trailer has also been released, which you can find below.

UPDATE: Stoibs points out in the comments below that the developers are considering adding 2/3/4-player bundles to the store. So if you’re keen on multiplayer with some friends, it might be worth holding off for a bit.

Space Hulk is one of the seven new Games Workshop licensed titles announced, including the upcoming PC RTS Armageddon, the MMO Eternal Crusade and the just-announced Chainsaw Warrior single-player title.

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Love the tagline below the pic :P

Saddens me to not see this at all on the first page of Steam’s bestsellers.

EDIT: Just readin the discussion area on steam, the devs are talking about maybe including a 2/3/4 pack option. Might be worth holding off for that since it will have co-op/multiplayer aswell.




stoibs: Just readin the discussion area on steam, the devs are talking about maybe including a 2/3/4 pack option. M

Nice find, thanks! Added it to the piece.


I cannot bloody wait for this


Am I the only one that thinks $30 is a bit much? Expected it more in the $10-$20 category.


Am I the only one that thinks $30 is a bit much? Expected it more in the $10-$20 category.

Yeah despite hanging out for this, im inclined to agree. I was expecting more around the 20-25 mark – and it is a bit laughable, only being $5.00 more, but it does look like a budget title.

Then again, I also picked up Wargame: Airland Battle for $30 – and that game is brilliant.

I’ll be buying this regardless, have been hanging out for a Space Hulk remake for years. The chance to purge my mates face with righteous flame in vs is going to be too good.


The level of polish/quality just doesn’t seem very high… I dunno. I’ll probably bargain bin it later.


In a world of Steam sales and bundle deals, correlating gaming value with dollar value is impossible.


I’d think the main reason for the price would be the cost of the License . I can’t imagine getting an official 40k license would be cheap, but then again if it wasn’t named “Space Hulk” would this game have even made most peoples radar? Compared with a lot of other games with standard US based pricing it does seem a bit high, but when you look at it against some of the Australian price-gouged games it’s really quite reasonable.

it just depends on how you want to look at it, it’s overpriced, but it’s cheap, none of that really matters. Is it a good game? That’s what counts to me.


But ultimately – 30 bucks is pretty cheap – you cant even buy two movie tickets for that these days, and add extra lol onto that price if you buy anything from the snack bar. If i get over 4 hours entertainment from it, it’s been cheaper than sitting through two movies.


artfuldodger: Am I the only one that thinks $30 is a bit much? Expected it more in the $10-$20 category.

Nope, lots of people in the discussions were also expecting it cheaper.
Could wait to see if it goes for sale at GmG or wait for one of these multi buys I suppose.

Personally I was one of the people pleading to Full Control to let me add $30-$40 as an addon to help their Jagged Alliance Kickstarter to receive this aswell, so I’m fine with the price as is.


$30 seems fine to me. Sadly I wished it was a higher budget title. I want it to be first person too.


Honestly not willing to shell out 30 dollars for what basically looks like an unpolished direct remake of the old game I already have.

Call me shallow, but even the logo puts me off, it looks like it belongs on someone’s Geocities page.

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