Shadowrun Returns approaches release, Steam keys start appearing in inboxes


By on July 17, 2013 at 3:03 pm

If you backed Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter, you’re probably eagerly awaiting it’s release date on the 25th of this month. Well, good news! Harebrained Schemes would like us to know that they have started sending out Steam keys to backers, as well as to those of you who pre-ordered from the Harebrained Schemes website.

“This will help ensure that everyone has their keys in time for the launch on July 25,” they say.

Unfortunately, the key won’t unlock the game so that you can pre-download it for launch day. “Once we flip the switch, you’ll be able to begin the download from Steam and play the game when it completes .”

If you have backed Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter, you will also be pleased to know that physical rewards will also begin shipping in the first week of August. Keep an eye on those letter boxes, both physical and electronic.

Source: Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

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If I HAVEN’T backed Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter, can I still buy this somehow?


i purchased this on steam about 2 weeks ago



Yeah its on Steam for around $20


Still waiting on my key =(
Can’t wait for my personalized Doc Wagon card and shirt to be shipped out though :)


Got my two!


Just been reading about this – sounds like backers had the option of a DRM-free version of the game (albeit gimped in the end with a lack of future support) but it is not possible to purchase this DRM-free now – lame. Something to do with Microsoft forcing the devs to use DRM for all future content.

Some rather pissed off people on their official forums. After the KS it was possible to pre-order a non-Steam version for a while, then this mysteriously (and retrospectively) morphed into a Steam-only version.

No doubt this will have the exact opposite effect to what is intended, because the DRM-free version is… well, DRM-free. So people will just be able to d/l it.


I just watched the video on the steam page, looks friggen great. Pre-ordered. :>


My Kickstarter steam key arrived on Tuesday with the backers only reward code for In-game gear.

Looking forward to next week!

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