Russians slam Company of Heroes 2 for alleged misrepresentation


By on July 27, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Company of Heroes 2 isn’t going down well in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Resident of the former USSR have reacted badly to the representation of their region’s history in the Relic Entertainment release, calling it “disgusting”, full of “idealogical rubbish” and “dirty myths”, and even a “complete falsification of the history of Russia and its methods of warfare”.

The movement apparently started with a video from a creator called Bad Comedian. In its wake, the RTS’s user rating on Metacritic has utterly bombed, and a petition on the matter rapidly gleaned its required 10,000 signatures and is still gathering support at a rate of several names per minute.

According to informed critics speaking to Polygon, problematic material includes depictions of soldiers sent into battle without weapons; soldiers shot en masse for retreating; and gulags. While acknowledging the incredibly harsh conditions of the WWII Eastern Front, critics say the game draws on clichés established by western films, not historical fact, and overplays the brutality to the point of parody.

The full article is well worth a read if you’re interested in WWII, Russian or military history; it’s interesting how many of our ideas about the past are informed by spurious modern media interpretations.

Source: Polygon

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I’ve read the military history novels Berlin and Stalingrad, and a few more besides. While I’ve not played Company of Heroes 2, I can tell you that they probably kept the worst of what the Russians did out of the game. The fact Russia doesn’t like to admit to their campaign of rape, imprisonment and murder doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Nor do they like to admit to the fact they had people who retreated or surrendered shot or imprisoned in the gulag, and that Stalin was a brutal, miserable coward. Still happened though.

Russia is always undertaking a history rewrite and delusionment campaign however. Just look at the outlawing of homosexuality as ‘Western Propaganda.’ They seem to think that screaming ‘nuh-uh’ with their fingers in their ears means they can deny the truth of something. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same sort of thing.


Interesting article and makes one take a second look at what they “think” they know about that part of the conflict.

In happier news, the new installment of the Il-2 Sturmovik flight sim started taking pre-orders last night. Access to Battle of Stalingrad will begin as early as Q4 this year.



All I know is the fucking panzer tanks in this game dominate me just as hard as they probably dominated the russians in ww2. I cringe whenever I see one bust through the lines, I would hate to have actually been there when it actually happened.


I just watched a Docco on the history of Aviation….. easily 96% was about the United States and their aircraft manufacturers, as if they are the only pioneers in the world.
They referred to the Germans as Nazis when they were invading however when the Americans stole the rocket plans they were referred to as Germans.
America goes along writing history as they see fit.
American history is thoroughly researched and they even add tributes to various occasions to buy some “heart strings”. Yet when reporting an adversaries history all they do is push rumor as fact and make them seem like cart pushing wild trash.

That aside it was a crap game and the 1st one was much much better, they deserved the score I gave them even without the lack of research.


what’s next Australians complaining about depictions of genocide in Australia… It happened.


“it’s interesting how many of our ideas about the past are informed by spurious modern media interpretations”

Interesting? It’s terrifying!


its a fucking game you stupid bunch of potatoes, does it have “100% true historically correct battles”? no? because that would be boring as shit, its a game based on WWII and mostly things are exaggerated in games.


Another reason metacritic is a horrible thing when anyone can review bomb it with a campaign


“soldiers shot en masse for retreating”

The soviet army and the NKVD not only shot soldiers en masse but organised “destroyer battalions” which were workers from steel and ordnance factories in Stalingrad during the siege, essentially they had a blocking group of communist youth behind them with automatic weapons to make sure they didnt retreat.

I mean seriously to say that it is a falsification of history is just plain silly all the evidence is in the Central Archive of the FSB(formerly KGB), Central Archive of the Ministry of defence and not to mention those who wrote in diaries for example Lieutenant General Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov. Its amazing how much information governments keep.

At the end of the day the evidence is there, its up to them if they want to look or just complain without researching.


I think the problem is that nothing is ever really put in context.
Yes blocker units did exist, but in reality they were rarely actually used because it was felt it was a waste of manpower by those on the field. Also the rape stories are pumped up to hell and back for Western propaganda purposes, what isn’t said is that once Soviet Command got word of it, it largely instantly stopped, also what the Russians did to German Civilians doesn’t even begin to match at all the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s towards the Soviets, watch the movie Come and See to get a tiny taste of what it was like to live in Nazi occupied Belarus or Ukraine or Russia.

The “Great Patriotic War” is something of massive pride to the Russians and I feel they are totally sick of constantly being portrayed as monsters, when they were a people fighting 90% of the German forces, fighting for their survival as Hitler planned to Genocide the lot of them. What Western media tends to do is never put anything in context, thus often making the Nazis actually look like the good guys.



I don’t know what’s worse, that, or the websites which only post reviews between 9.2 and 9.8


A lot of people seem to forget that WW2 was won with British intel, American industrial might and Russian blood.


A lot of people seem to forget that WW2 was won with British intel, American industrial might and Russian blood.

Very true.

I’m surprised at the reaction however, cliches established by western films is what most games are built upon these days – are they just upset that it’s a cliche that revolves around them ?


because that would be boring as shit

Are you sure you are talking about the same war?


tyrals: Are you sure you are talking about the same war?

Everyone knows nothing of interest happened in WWII. They all just sat around drinking tea and playing cards… Right…?


Well I have never done much in-depth research on WWII besides documentaries and the odd book. But I always took these cliches as gospel/fact. May actually do a bit of research later and see how much is rumor, exaggeration or just propaganda. Seems everyone has a differing information…


The Russians had the best tank in WWII.
The Sherman was a failure, tbh.


There’s a good documentary series called “The World at War” which is worth watching – 26 episodes at an hour each, narrated by Laurence Olivier, and interviews with people who were there.
The episode on the Uboats has an extensive interview with Karl Doenitz – it doesn’t get much more primary source than that.
It’s a good way to learn a lot more about the Second World War without studying it in depth. Considering it was done during the Cold War it’s very complimentary about the Russians.


its a fucking game you stupid bunch of potatoes, does it have “100% true historically correct battles”? no? because that would be boring as shit, its a game based on WWII and mostly things are exaggerated in games.

I agree! I suppose we should all downgrade the meta score of say ‘Just Cause 2′ cos no one every really free falled from planes and stuff, and hell, lets start a petition on
‘left for dead’ to downgrade its score cos there never really was a zombie apocolypse!!!!!


The Russians had the best tank in WWII.
The Sherman was a failure, tbh.

Not accurate.
The IS3 never saw anything but a victory parade and even then wasn’t very good.
The IS2 wasn’t a good tank either.
For a start is 122mm main gun used 2 part ammunition which drastically lowers fire rate and it also had questionable accuracy combined with poor optics and poor stabilisation. Penetration also wasn’t good, it was not capable of penetrating the front glasis plate on a panther at any range if the panther was correctly angled [as per training] and needed to be within 100m to have a chance of penetrating the lower front hull of the panther. It stood no chance against a Tiger 2.

The sherman was generally crap compared to European theatre tanks, but don’t forget it was really only designed to fight in the pacific where the situation was different [japs had pretty poor tanks and mobility was important]. The sherman jumbo 76W was actually pretty good though, significant front armour and a somewhat capable main gun.
The pershing tank was very good by comparison, not exceptional in any major way but over-all a very capable tank.

The “super pershing” was probably the best [as far as capability goes] tank to ever see combat in WWII.
It was really only at some risk of being penetrated front on by vehicles mounting the KwK43 88m main gun [tiger 2, elephant .etc] or the 122mm main gun on the jagdtiger.

Had the brits got their Centurian Mk2s into theatre to see combat it could easily have been classed as the best tank though.

Main point, nothing the russian’s fielded in combat was even close to being in the same class.

oh and to the person who said “panzer tank”, you are really just saying “tank tank” since panzer is german for tank.
like saying ATM machine …automatic teller machine machine …
the more you know.


Slavs arent people anyway, why they talking like they have a real opinion?

I bet your parents must be proud of your ignorance an stupidity. Only the truly stupid would spew such rubbish.

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