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Borderlands 2

By on July 28, 2013 at 11:39 am

Gearbox has confirmed it won’t be issuing a second season pass for Borderlands 2, despite announcing quite extensive plans for further DLC.

The first season pass was successful, but Gearbox believes fans will be willing to buy enough DLC piecemeal to support ongoing development, a representative told Polygon.

“Through the course of our grand experiment, we’ve also learned that fans are happy with an a la cart menu for DLC because they can pick and choose the content that they most want to buy and really customise their Borderlands 2 experience,” the spokesperson said.

“They’re voting with their wallets — and we are grateful that there are enough of them asking that we can justify the cost of developing the content.”

This should be obvious by now, but the newly announced content won’t be included in the original season pass deal, either.

“That season has ended,” Gearbox said, noting that it actually included an extra piece of DLC in the scheme as a bonus for fans, beyond what it originally announced.

Newly announced DLC includes a new Ultimate Vault Hunter pack, raising the level cap, plus further missions and customisation packs.

Source: Polygon

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I read this as – “We just want to milk your wallets more”

“they can pick and choose the content that they most want to buy and really customise their Borderlands 2 experience” Seriously?


I’d really like to see a “Headhunter pass” that gives you access to all 3 upcoming headhunter packs.


In response to the Article – Just no.


I read this as – “We just want to milk your wallets more”

“they can pick and choose the content that they most want to buy and really customise their Borderlands 2 experience” Seriously?

I thought the exact same thing.


InAUGral: I thought the exact same thing.

Ditto, my brain heard “enough people purchased the pack and didn’t bitch, so we’re just going to charge more for each one”.


I was certain I got a season pass with the Ultimate loot chest on release… but No code in the box for me…. ended up buying from GMG @ $16 for the lot again just for the DLC to shut up a mate insisting he wanted me to play coop with him in it… Honestly… BL2 for me sucked the big fat one. I’ve not enjoyed playing it at all, and especially compared to BL1 there is nothing new or exciting about the game. Infact I’ve found the departure the core original characters and what they did to them instantly ruined the storyline for me.

I won’t be buying any more DLC… I didn’t like the stuff I got and the core BL2 lost ALL of it’s MADMAX appeal the moment they removed the comical gore and head popping decapitations with sniper rifles..

No more DLC thanks codies… more effort on storyline thanks.


The whole DLC saga to BL2 totally turned me off the game..Find it a rather boring game anyway to be honest, but when they just keep pumping out DLC outside of a Season Pass I feel no desire to hand over another cent, let alone play more of it.


Would have been nice for them to release a Season Pass 2 but now maybe just wait for Borderlands 2 GotY


With both Borderlands games I haven’t bothered with any DLC at all.
The core game, with run and gun gameplay through the entire thing gets tiring enough by the end of it I don’t even feel like a NG+ let alone any DLC.


korten: I read this as – “We just want to milk your wallets more”

why ? i’m just going to wait untill they are all released and up on steam sale for 75% off now instead of getting the pass like I probably would have.
I can’t speak for all the worlds gamers but they likely lost money from me due to this, purely because it’s simpler and cheaper to buy it all in one hit and alot of my friends feel the same way.


Enjoying BL2 at the moment, but I picked it up for 16 bucks and that included the season pass from gmg.

Was looking foward to some new content but wont be paying for it piecemeal. Guess I have an excuse to move on to other games on my yet to be installed list. (Or get shadowrun)


I share the opinion with most people here; the game was pretty solid but didn’t have the same feel as the first, which some how had me playing more, even with less variety; and although I got the season pass, the only DLC I actually played through substantially was Pirate’s Booty, which I wouldn’t say was fantastic, but it came out before I wasn’t totally bored with the game.

I did dabble with the other three, but not enough to warrant purchasing them separately at inflated Australian prices. The content wasn’t necessarily bad, but my friends had moved on and I had gotten bored with the mechanics. I simply wouldn’t have bought/experienced them if they weren’t bundled into a Season Pass I bought at the game’s release.

I have a feeling Gearbox may find others that share my perspective after the first one or two DLC packs don’t sell all that well, The latest was definitely a good way to get people buying the pack though, and definitely put Gearbox into the view that people will buy it individually, but again, I can see it leaving them uninformed and biting them in the butt.


They seem to think BL2′s life in infinite as long as they keep making DLC which just isn’t the case. I loved my time with BL2 (never played original) and the DLC (for the most part) but enough is enough. I’m tired of the formula (for now) and new levels won’t change that. Tiny Tina was a great sendoff so it’s disappointing to see Gearbox continue to milk BL2 when they should be moving their attention to BL3. From what i’ve heard BL2 is mostly a polished BL1 with a great and funny story so they really need to make a revolution on the gameplay front (vehicles is something i’d love to see expanded upon) for BL3 rather than stick with BL2 and the same old mechanics or they risk killing the franchise from stagnation.


Would have been nice for them to release a Season Pass 2 but now maybe just wait for Borderlands 2 GotY

I’ve been waiting for BL2 GotY all along but to be honest, my bro and I had the most fun with Borderlands 1′s main campaign when we were living together still. Spent a whole month chipping away at the campaign every day after work.

BL2 is a different story though. There’s just something about only playing co-op together once every week (via split screen on the PS3) that kills the experience. My bro eventually pushed ahead solo as the Mechromancer while our assassin and commando haven’t been touched in god knows how long.


Try to see it from Gearbox’s point of view guys – they have to make up the shortfall in revenue after the abortion that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. What better way than to exploit their biggest fanbase?

I’ve had a good run of BL2, but like exe3 has said, enough is enough. I haven’t even bothered loading up Tiny Tina yet :\


I tried to have a game of BL2 the other night and couldnt get into it, the field of view always just feels “wrong” (for lack of a better term), like im zoomed in too much or something and i remembered how little i appreciated the world the first time around because there was just constantly shit everywhere.

Busy is not always better.


Haven’t really played it since it was released. It just felt like a grind from the get go. less story more grind.

Too much loot everywhere, not enough direction, it just felt devoid of the fun factor that BL1 had. Even BL1 suffered from the same issue to an extent (especially some of the DLC).

The thing that kept me into BL1 was the story, that was actually something I was intrigued by. From what I could gather from BL2 there wasn’t much of one. Tiny Tina was awesome, but everything else pretty forgettable. Pity really as they had some good ideas to build on, they just built on the wrong ones…


You guys are missing something.

Sega v Gearbox court cases means that GB need to make money at a low risk, for the moment. There for, GB is being smart buy making more BL2 DLC. Its a safe bet, money wise, until the Alain mess is over.


The story in BL2 is BETTER than the BL1 story. You just did not get that far in, I take it.


Best game ever more dlc :)



He got up to at least Tiny Tina, which is pretty far in. If the story doesn’t hook you until the last 2 hours of the game, you have a problem. There is also a difference between a ‘better’ story, and one that is intriguing, which RSOblivion seems to prefer; also, what is better or worse is opinion. :P

That said, I enjoyed the BL2 stories and characters… Well, Jack and Tina at least. The main campaign’s story felt incredibly straight forward and predictable, AND you never ended up on the hyperion station, whats with that? The stories in the DLCs were also quite humorous and solid, but they didn’t have the same hooks to keep you going. Even Tiny Tina’s DLC, with its great departure from the themes of BL2 only held me for a few hours.

That said, take something like Alan Wake, where the game play becomes quite dull and repetitive after the first few hours, but the story is so remarkable and intriguing, it drags you through for another 9 hours to finish it, because you HAVE to know what happens next. There is good writing, then there is phenomenal works of art. Unfortunately we don’t see that latter all that often in video games.

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